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Tyler Brown

Having been a part of the movie making process for Foxcatcher, (wrestler/extra) I was very eager to see this film. I was not disappointed.

While the film's first half hour starts off EXTREMELY slow, the reason is made clear as the movie continues. Don't expect this to be your typical Hollywood film, this is a true story told as real as possible.

Almost EVERY scene of the film has a silent/awkward tone to it, that can mostly be attributed to Steve Carell's award deserving performance! Carell is nothing like you've seen before. His makeup, plus incredible acting ability made him as chilling as the mentally ill person he played.

Carell left ----- du Pont right
Carell left ----- du Pont right

Tatum & Ruffalo also had fantastic performances that brought the characters close to your heart. (Especially if you're a wrestler, like myself.)

All I can really say is go see Foxcatcher and expect the most raw, real, and sobering film released this year.

*As a bonus you'll get to see me for a whole two seconds standing in the background watching Tatum wrestle.*


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