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Very few things in the entertainment world have remained untouched by the omnipotent hand of Disney. And who exactly has become Disney's next victim?...none other than the BBC's own [Doctor Who](series:200668)! After over five decades of popularity, it's about time the longest running sci-fi TV show in history got its very own Disney makeover!

Talented artist Stephen Byrne was kind enough to create a whimsical movie poster for the fictional upcoming Disney film Doctor Who?. The animated feature, which features the awesomely apropos tagline "She wished for a prince. She got thirteen", would star the feisty but loyal ginger companion Amy Pond and all thirteen Doctors, including John Hurt and Peter Capaldi!

Check it out!

I would totally go watch this!

Check out Byrne's artistic process below!

Apparently many Doctor Who fans have wondered what our beloved Who-verse would look like with a Disney twist. Charlie Jane Anders has also designed a Disney-fied movie poster, which this time features the Doctor's most ancient enemy, the Dalek!

I don't know about you, but I'm thinking that a Doctor Who Disney movie could go either really well and so badly that Whovians from all over the globe will be rioting on the streets! Regardless, the posters by Byrne and Anders are undoubtedly awesome!


Would you be up for a Doctor Who/Disney mashup?


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