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Remember that Suicide Squad trailer from AlexLuthor (probably not Lex Luthor himself) that we saw a while back? Featuring Deathstroke, Deadshot, Harley Quinn, Amanda Waller, and more, all in live action, and we concluded it really deserved a movie? Well, now we've got something else - and it might just be even better than the [Suicide Squad](movie:2283363) one.

What if the the greatest superheroes of all time joined each on screen? They have in comics, but never in live action - really, not even in animation. We concluded a long while back that while such an event was hugely unlikely, it's not impossible, strictly. And the concept alone is worth the trailer.

The logos roll in

Which, if you're a superhero fan, either might give you chills - but together is pretty amazing.

(Alex makes a lot of cool DC ones).

Doctor Doom's playing around...

...with the Tesseract?

While a voiceover from Stargate conveniently explains the multiverse theory (which is also DC's approach to how they're holding their TV and movie properties, for those who didn't understand that, allowing crossovers while keeping things in different universes to maintain creative freedom).

Something goes wrong...

...And a few others feel the effects.

And then, pulled together, they begin to meet - from Batman to Iron Man... the Guardians of the Galaxy and Green Lantern... Superman and Thor... Spider-Man and Flash.... the Joker and Loki?

And then the madness starts.

Superman vs. Thor!

Batman vs. Iron Man!

Green Arrow vs. Hawkeye!

Can Bats dodge Cap's shield?

Flash vs.Thor!

Deadpool vs. Deathstroke!

The Joker takes out Loki!

Quicksilver and Flash clash!

Can Jean Grey hold against Aquaman?

The victors? We'll have to wait and see!

Need to know who any of the characters in the awesome trailer are? Just ask in the comments! Let's not have any pointless flame wars, as asking who wins is gonna be as fruitless as the last seventy two million times it's been asked, but if you want to express an opinion, feel free to do it civilly! My bet, given I'll probably be asked, would have to be with the guys over at DC - I'm partial to them and have a bias, for sure, but I also think many of the gods among us have a bit of an edge; a lot of these matchups would be close, though!

There's been a few questions in the comments on where a lot of the footage is from, so I'll clarify- the Marvel stuff is nearly all from the MCU, the Spiderman movies, or from the X-Men movies, with some fan made stuff (mostly Deadpool- such as Batman VS Deadpool) thrown in. The DC stuff has a lot from Man of Steel, The Dark Knight, the pilot of the Wonder Woman TV show which never aired (I think, anyway), some Jason Momoa movies for Aquaman, a little Green Lantern, and a lot from Arrow and Flash. There's also some CGI ones- including the Arkham Knight trailer, the Infinite Crisis trailer, and the DC Universe Online trailer.

I figure I might as well attach them given people seem interested- the DC Universe Online CGI trailer is often praised as what a cinematic preview should be like, and is, as one Youtube commenter points out, "better than anything Hollywood will ever come up with."

And then the Infinite Crisis one-

And, finally, the popular Batman VS Deadpool fan video, where all of the Deadpool footage is from (if you're feeling sensitive, it has Deadpool in it, so common sense says there's swearing and blood etc, but it's really quite funny).

Enjoy watching all of these over and over, particularly the original fan made trailer, and remember to subscribe to AlexLuthor on Youtube for even more incredible fan made videos! And, above all, make sure you share around this amazing trailer!


What's your favourite matchup in the trailer?


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