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As many of the world should know by now, Spider-Man could be headed to the Marvel Universe. The good news about this is that we will finally see Spider-Man share the silver screen with legendary heroes like Captain America and Black Panther. The bad news is Andrew Garfield will no longer portray the character. I personally didn't like Andrew Garfield in the role of Peter Parker, but I thought he was a awesome Spider-Man. The supposed frontrunner for the role of Peter Parker is Logan Lerman, best known for being in The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

I like Lerman for the role, but I am tired of the Peter Parker story. So lets get a new story!

Miles Morales is a student in NYC and he gets bitten by a radioactive spider, but instead of going to Oscorp for help, he goes to Stark Industries. There, Tony Stark realizes his potential and gives him training and the Iron Spider suit. Tony tells Miles about his conflict with Steve Rodgers and asks him to join the fight against Cap. Miles agrees because he sees Tony as a mentor. Meanwhile the world has been in awe of this Spider-Man working with Iron Man. Iron Man urges Miles to reveal his identity in a press conference like he did in Iron Man. Miles does this and gets a lot of public recognition, but he also makes enemies. Bullseye (played by Matt Smith of Doctor Who fame) kills Miles' family. Outraged Miles goes to Cap's side and fights Iron Man, who, in desperation teams up with villains including Bullseye.

For the solo flick, Miles deals with the fallout of the Civil War and goes on a manhunt for Bullseye with the help of Daredevil (played by Charlie Cox from the Netflix series).

The final question is who would play our hero Spider-Man aka Miles Morales? I think the answer is obvious. Donald Glover is perfect and everyone knows it. HE can do comedy and drama, plus he could rap the theme!

Thank You all for reading! Donald for Spider-Man!! Please leave your thoughts below!


Who do you think should play Spider-Man?


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