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Rick Edmonds

Forgive me for being late to the party, but I just caught up on [Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.](series:722469) and I have to say...

I was wrong about this show.

I reckon it's too late to say "spoilers." Not only was this cleverly built up, but the payoff was so satisfying that I honestly cannot wait for January. The plot has taken a whole new turn that has breathed new life into the show, making it all the more interesting. It isn't just that it's Inhumans, that's already pretty awesome. But the fact that they are already laying the groundwork for a movie being released four years from now is what is so mind-boggling. Just when I thought it having a link to the cinematic universe would be it's downfall, it showed a huge benefit.

What this has done is taken the stakes of this show to a whole new level. Previously, our biggest worries were with D-list villains and evil Bill Paxton. Now, there are possibly even bigger threats out there than what we have ever seen. Plus, we have an entire new frontier to explore. Four years to potentially delve into the Inhuman mythos. How do their powers work? What is [The Inhumans](movie:910490) society like? How many are there? Have we seen any before now? Is Marvel really crazy enough to market cosmic X-men with a giant dog? We wanna know!

Not to say they don't already have enough to work with. There are rumors flying left and right about Hawkeye joining the show, not to mention there is still plenty of Hydra heads that need cutting off. They could use the introduction of the Kree to tie in a certain Carol Danvers (and NOT Lorraine from Captain America). Who knows where they'll go? With so many options, they can do almost anything. All we can do is wait until January to see.

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