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United We Stand, Divided We Fall
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They're the very best of the super bad they are supervillains! Today we are counting down our TOP 5 Greatest DC Supervillains.

5.Ra's Al-Ghul

No it's pronounce R-A-Y-S-H Al-Ghul not R-A-S
No it's pronounce R-A-Y-S-H Al-Ghul not R-A-S

Ra's Al-Ghul has a name that appropriately translate to Head of The Demon. He's one of the cape crusader's most deadliest and most cunning enemies, as the head of an underground network of assassins. Century's old thanks to the Lazarus Pit he takes enviromentalism to an unhealthy extreme, as he wants to destroy the modern world.

4.The Joker

Taking crazy to a whole new level, the clown prince of crime is now the "Yin" to Batman's "Yang". Dedicated to chaos and insanity his mission is to make the world over in his irrational vision. Permanently deformed to The Joker the whole world is one monstrous demented gag but only he gets the joke.

3.Lex Luthor

Lex Luthor is cold,calculating,ruthless and rich, Luthor doesn't want much just to have absolute and total power, problem is Superman keeps getting in the way the villain's evil brain power is the polar opposite to Superman's heroic strength. With Luthor's endless resources there's always a new battle to be fought.

2.General Zod

On the planet Krypton Zod got a little power hungry and tried to take over the world. Years later he showed up on Earth for repeated performance. Superman keeps stopping him but since he's every bit of strong as the Man of Steel it's never an easy win.


He looks like a huge slab of granite and he's every bit of unyielding. Darkseid is a tyrannical and remorseless ruler of the hellish world Apokolips. He wants nothing more than to control every creature in the universe and that's why he's at the top of our todays TOP 5 list. Superman,New Gods and practically all of the DC superheroes have battled him, but how can you destroy pure hatred. Well except when the Justice League battle him.

I'll leave you the link just skip to the fight scene beware ads everywhere:

Honorable Mentions




Professor Zoom




What do you guys think of today's TOP 5? Do you agree with it?


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