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Suicide Squad was the surprise announcement of DC's cinematic line-up (except perhaps Cyborg, but that's 5 and a bit years away). It is set for a 2016 release date and the headliners of the cast have already been announced. 2016 is set to be a big year for comic book movies but this is why the government recruited supervillians will be the best of the lot.

The Cast

Look at those A-Listers
Look at those A-Listers

Suicide Squad was quick to release its cast after the movie was confirmed and, boy, what a cast it was. While the headliner, Will Smith, raised a lot of eyebrows with his casting, he is actually a great fit for the role. Smith has great screen presence and will be able to cover the complex character that Deadshot has. Frankly, a big name like Will Smith in the role will also help the character remain prominent next to Harley and her Mr J.

Jared Leto has proven himself to be a great actor and the faith that people have in his ability to pull off The Joker can be shown in the lack of (overwhelming) backlash. (Post Ledger there has inevitably been some). Margot Robbie seems to be set to define Harley Quinn for generations and most people agree that she's the person for the job. Meanwhile, Tom Hardy may be playing a character that no one recognizes but he's still a major draw card. He's had great roles in Inception and let us not forget his Bane in Dark Knight Rises.

The other members of the cast are also great fits for the roles. Jai Courtney is an Australian Actor playing an Australian villain (yay, correct accent!). Cara Delevingne may be yet to prove herself in acting but her presumably small part will give her a chance to make a name for herself, so expect her to give it her all. Last but not least, Viola Davis has pretty much been confirmed for the role of Amanda Waller and she is perfect to play the imposing, powerful figure.

Mister J. And Harleen Quinzel

Creepiest picture I could find
Creepiest picture I could find

Suicide Squad will (assumingly) include the first movie adaption of Harley Quinn and her relationship with the Joker. Harley has grown from a lovable side henchmen in Batman: The Animated Series, into the still lovable, immensely popular character she is now. To see Harley Quinn transformed into a 3 dimensional character played by Margot Robbie will be a historic moment. This character is one of the most interesting in comics and her relationship with her puddin' is one of the most interesting dynamics as well.

The Joker. No one was expecting to see The Joker first appear in Suicide Squad in the DCCU. But it makes perfect sense to reboot the character with some distance between him and Batman. Jared Leto will have to pull the performance of a lifetime to surpass Heath Ledger, however that doesn't necessarily have to happen in order for the character to be great. The Joker can't be played exactly the same as he was in TDK (The Joker has, after all, always been portrayed very differently in live action, e.g. Batman TV Series, Batman and TDK). Hopefully, they will draw from The Joker as currently featured in the Scott Snyder written Batman stories Death of the Family and Endgame. It's a very creepy and intriguing version of the character that's different from anything seen on film before.

The Balance

Suicide Squad has always a good balance between the light (Harley and Captain Boomerang), the serious (important missions) and the dark (their heads get blown up if they don't cooperate). This sets the movie up to have a perfect balance of the things that make comic book movies great. Humor is important in both comic book movies and the Suicide Squad source material and there is sure to be a good amount of it in a movie starring Harley Quinn. In fact if its written well there should be plenty of laugh out loud moments. However Suicide Squad isn't a comedy comic book movie like Guardians or Iron Man 3. It just has elements comedy.

The Suicide Squad also has a serious undertone to everything that happens, with the constant threat of head bombs and the high profile missions that the team is assigned. Its not just blow things up for fun but will have a serious purpose and threat. The balance of all these elements will give Suicide Squad an advantage over all the other movies in 2016 who will probably lean too far towards either comedy or serious with only shoehorned elements of the other.

The Competition

See? Serious. Still gonna be epic tho
See? Serious. Still gonna be epic tho

To say that Suicide Squad will be the best comic book movie of 2016 is a big statement. After all, look at all the big names; Deadpool, Captain America , X-Men and let's not forget Batman v. Superman. But Suicide Squad could trump them all. Here's a look at the other top contenders:

Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice is sure to be the movie event of the decade. I'm very hopeful that the movie will be great however I doubt the quality of the Zack Snyder driven BVS will measure up to David Ayer's SS. It could, but it's more likely to be a great spectacle than a great movie.

Captain America: Civil War could in theory be a great movie as the source material of Civil War is brilliant however the movie feels rushed and there's no way that it will be able to capture the scope of the event.

The X-Men Franchise should produce another gem in X-Men Apocalypse. I mean with James McAvoy, Jennifer Lawrence and Micheal Fassbender, how can you not? However these movies seems to always be great but not the best. Look at the track record, X-Men: Days of Future's Past was a brilliant movie but not the best movie of 2014 and First Class was amazing but still doesn't seem to be highly regarded. My point is, Apocalypse will probably be great, but the new exciting premise of Suicide Squad will make for an even better movie.

Deadpool could potentially be one of the funniest movies of all time. In fact, if done properly it could most definitely challenge for the best comic book movie of 2016 but that remains to be seen. The problem is that, like addressed before, this movie is likely to lean towards comedy (as a Deadpool movie should) over character development or interesting plot and therefore may miss the perfect balance that should be seen in Suicide Squad.

I'm not trying to beat up 2016's other Comic Book Movies. I'm sure we're going to be treated to a number of brilliant movies in 2016. However I think that Suicide Squad will come out as the best movie of the lot. What Comic Book Movie are you looking forward to the most?


What's gonna be the best Comic Book Movie of 2016?


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