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A New Superhero?

When I first heard rumour about a new comic book superhero, I wasn't very excited at all. This decade, there has only been one new comic book hero, two teams in the movies and three characters/teams on television and in all due respect, they aren't as interesting and supercalifragilisticexpialidocious as the heroes that were created back in the 20th century, like Batman, Superman, Shazam – just to name a few.

I began to believe that in the future, no more iconic heroes would be created as nearly all original ideas had been used. However, I still held hope that one day; someone would think of the unimaginable and unthinkable and still be able to develop that thought into an artwork that would perhaps become the next century’s iconic superhero.

Having overheard some writers in Sydney, I thought their concept for a new superhero was ridiculous, but I endorsed it because in my opinion it was original and the hero shared the same name as one of my close friend’s surname – Cheeseman!

Who doesn't like cheese?
Who doesn't like cheese?


I thought that a superhero with “cheese” powers would never work, so out of curiosity (also because I couldn’t think of anything), I immediately went to one of the writers and asked him what powers Cheeseman had and I was blown away by his answer. He told me to close my eyes and imagine the physical properties of all the different types of cheeses and to juxtapose them, then combine all the properties together. To be honest, I could only come up with three properties – stretchy, soft and hard so to ease my brain, the writers told me that Cheeseman could stretch and shape-shift and change the hardness of his body, but could also create foul odours from some of the smelliest cheeses around the world and as a joke, they told me that Cheeseman could also create cheese chemically from his body and shoot it like a laser beam into the baddies mouth and poison them.

Yellow and orange will be the colour of the costume
Yellow and orange will be the colour of the costume


His origin story is quite interesting – a hated politician who has no sense of justice survives an assassination attempt, but gets kidnapped by a team of scientists who experiment on him and inject serums with cheese added in them as a joke because his last name is Cheeseman.


Despite the writers wouldn't tell me more about the character at this stage, I'm looking forward to seeing Cheeseman comics being published, which the writers said would expect to finish it in the next year or so. I feel that this character will appeal to the whole audience, especially to comic book fans (Duh).

Note: the writers didn't want their names to be published yet as they don't want any strangers contacting them.

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