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United We Stand, Divided We Fall
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They're not just bad they're superbad, Today we'll be counting TOP 5 Marvel supervillains now as some of you know I've posted another TOP 5 about villains yesterday but that was for DC today is for Marvel here's the link in case you missed it:

5. Red Skull

Red Skull
Red Skull

He is the archenemy of the superhero Captain America, and is portrayed as a Nazi agent. Before becoming The Red Skull he was Johann Schmidt but wanted to look more scary. He was obsessed with the Super Soldier serum that was used by Captain America all he wanted with it was to make super soldiers like Captain America but good becomes great bad becomes worst (just taking that line from the professor that created the super soldier serum). But unfortunately he failed his mission.

4. Dr Doom

Dr Doom
Dr Doom

Victor Von Doom or Dr Doom is the archenemy of the Fantastic Four, his goal is world domination he's manage to run into various Marvel heroes and that includes the Avengers. While the live action film tarnished his reputation with fans Doom's legacy trumps this momentary laps considered the smartest villain in the Marvel Universe and considered Stan Lee's personal favorite, his mastery of science and magic make him the poster boy for calculated evil.

3. Loki


Thanks to the recent live action film and an astounding portrayal by Tom Hiddleston, this trickster god and half brother of Thor has gain major respect.The primary foe of Thor and The Avengers he's been causing trouble since back in 1962, Loki's powers involves him making magic and illusions and his motive is use Thor to take control of the 9 realms.

2. Apocalypse


A monstrous tyrant hailing from ancient egypt, He's the oldest and most powerful mutant in the X-Men Universe. Having alien technology to transform and evolve himself he possesses pretty much every power he wants. He fight with the belief that only the strongest should be permitted to exist a definition that doesn't really include humans or other mutants.

1. Thanos


At the top of our list is the infinity gauntlet wearing mad Titan.This member of an ancient alien race of immortal deviants is a god like being what makes him especially menacing is his fascination with death that's right, Thanos doesn't want to rule the universe, he wants to corrupt it in order to win the heart of Lady Death herself.

Honorable Mentions


Green Goblin





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