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United We Stand, Divided We Fall
Jo Isnain

Their best hope is to have the hero die laughing today's countdown will be about the TOP 5 worst DC supervillains.


No it's not Loki's Doppelganger
No it's not Loki's Doppelganger

Wow this one looks familiar both The Joker and The Riddler are similar enough as it is but The Prankster? come on. The Prankster emerged only to play pranks on Superman.


And then there's this guy, we're talking about Kite-Man who's real name is Charlie Brown he hang glides on a kite and busts other criminals out of jail with KITES! KITES! but outrageously he even knocked the mighty Batman out with the kite.

3.Clock King

This guy isn't all worst but this one made it to TV on both Arrow and The Flash. A 60's villain appearing as the clock or William Talkman was anitially a Green Arrow enemy or The Arrow he has the incredibly lame power of really good timing but hey like I said he isn't all bad.

2. Polka Dot-Man

Urgh don't get me started with him
Urgh don't get me started with him

A villain who's power is polka dots he is infamous for basing his crime on "DOT" thieves which is okay I guess however his costume is dot heavy and kind of makes you noxious just by looking at it, one kick by Batman though and this villain was seeing well Dots.

1.Egg Fu

No not Dr Eggman's Doppelganger from sonic
No not Dr Eggman's Doppelganger from sonic

There's never been a villain than Wonder Woman's quite bizarre enemy Egg Fu Egg Fu (preferred name Chang Tzu), why and egg? Well no reason was given other than the fact that it seems to justify the racist name. Egg Fu uses his mustache like a lasso grabbing anyone with that really ugly mustache.


And there you have what do you think about this TOP 5?


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