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While you might be used to seeing your favorite characters in a certain way, strap yourself in because everything you thought you knew is about to be turned upside-down.

'Rule 63' is a kind of internet proverb which states that for every fictional character there is an opposite gender counterpart. It might sound a little odd, but since Rule 63 was introduced on websites such as UrbanDictionary it has taken root, especially amongst artists, and has spawned some very creative images of gender-swapped characters.

Take a look at some interesting Rule 63 takes on characters you thought you knew:

Man-na and Elsa

I have to say, as much as I love Frozen, there's something about a male version of Elsa and Anna that would be kind of cool to see as well. Not to mention a female version of Hans and Kristoff!

Made by Sakimichan

Lady of the Underworld

She Hades, Lady of the Underworld, the fast talking, evil deity intent on overthrowing her sister Zeus-ette and take over Mount Olympus and the rest of creation forever!

Made by Sakimichan

Ariel the little mer-man

Even though Ariel is a man, he still needs his dinglehopper close by for his luscious red locks! I especially like that Flounder's gender has also been swapped, rocking a cute pink flower and some fabulous eye lashes.

Made by Sakimichan


The Master of All Evil himself! And I guess if there is a male Maleficient then he would be after Prince Aurora?

Made by Sakimichan


This fearless and streetwise Romani boy and friend of the deformed Quasimodo just wants the outcasts of the world to be accepted into society.

Made by JuliaJm15

There was a bit of a hiccup with these two...

Astrid and Hiccup are the awesome Viking kids from How To Train Your Dragon and, well, they look equally as awesome when they're gender swapped. The artist has even shown them as they would look in the first film at age 14, and second film at age 20.

Both made by JuliaJm15

An experiment gone wrong?

I have to say, the boys of Big Bang Theory make pretty decent looking girls, and Penny, or I guess maybe Peter, makes a pretty hot looking dude. Who am I kidding, I would totally watch this TV show!

made by JuliaJm15

Weird things can happen in deep space

The artist of this version of Star Trek has even giving the characters all new names! Introducing: Navigator Polina Chekova, Helmsman Hikaru Sulu, First Officer Spock, Captain Jane T. Kirk (the T is for Titania), Chief Medical Officer Lena “Bones” McCoy, Chief Engineer Mackenzie “Scottie” Scott, Communications Officer Njata Uhuru, and miscellaneous tribbles.

Made by the-dreaming-grass


What do you think of this gender-swapping fan art?

Source: Dorkly


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