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If the purpose of all art is to make a person feel a certain way, then these photographs and their creator have succeeded - I feel so creeped out I can barely move!

Photographer Christopher McKenney, who is based in Pennsylvania, specializes in surrealist horror snaps. His work is both chilling and beautiful.

I'd love to see more of this in movies!

Check out some of my favorites below:

Dark Reflections

Below, a mirror reflects a mirror, reflecting a mirror, reflecting a mirror, reflecting a mirror, reflecting a mirror, reflecting a mirror...

Intimidating Imprints

Here we see some terrifying re-works of the classic sheeted ghoul.

Trapped Souls

The incomplete male figures (like the ones seen below) are a reoccurring theme amongst McKenney's work. What do they mean? A lack of confidence, perhaps? A human who feels trapped between two worlds?

McKenney said of the below photograph,

"This picture represents people having ideas but covering them up in fear of failure or what other people will think."

Christopher McKenney's full portfolio can be viewed here.

What do you think the artist is trying to say with these photographs? Let me know below.


Do you like the way McKenney chose to evoke emotion?


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