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Warning: Walking Dead comic book and TV show spoilers coming up. Proceed with caution all ye who enter.

The Walking Dead ended with a bang a couple of weeks ago - and in Beth's case quite literally - and the last time we saw of Rick and the gang they were leaving the hospital and were out on the streets of Atlanta.

But where will they go next? Now that Eugene has admitted that Washington DC isn't home to the cure, there'll need a new mission to embark on. We've seen from the trailer for Season 5b that they hit the road again, and come into contact with what looks like a walled community:

Although at the speed they are fleeing, it looks as if this might not be the safest place in the zombie apocalypse.

But there is one sanctuary the survivors will encounter soon - and it's one of the most important locations in The Walking Dead comics...

The Alexandria Safe-Zone

We've already seen set images that suggest the ASZ is coming in the new season:

And with it the promise of very new set of challenges for Rick and the rest of the crew.

You see, the problem facing them when they arrive at this oasis of safety is how to deal with, and readjust to, living in a civilized society. They've been on the road since the Governor blew up the prison and have done some unbelievably brutal things in order to survive.

Things such as this...


And also this...

Too far gone?

"Can we come back from the things we've done" is a big theme on The Walking Dead, and this question will become even more pertinent when the group has to try and adjust to the civilized suburbia of the ASZ.

The residents have spent most of the outbreak inside its high walls and have been sheltered and protected from the horrors of the undead world around them. In fact, tea parties and kids playing in the street is a more common sight than rotting walkers, and the only danger to your health is getting hit in the face by a ball.

Was it really a ball though?
Was it really a ball though?

It will be fascinating to see how Rick and the rest of the guys adapt to this new environment. Will Michonne be able to give up her trusty katana? Will Daryl be able to trust these "soft" survivors? And how will Carl adapt to having to play nice with other kids?


Are they too far gone to live in a civilized society?


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