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The Walking Dead star Norman Reedus has confirmed that a third installment of Boondock Saints is "in the works" and that he will return to play Murphy McManus.

Participating in his first ever Reddit AMA, Reedus was asked if Boondock Saints 3 was happening. He replied:

“Hey good morning. Yeah it's on. In the works, happening."

This comes after the title, Boondocks Saints 3: Legion, and plot details were revealed back in August.

Reedus, whose fan base has increased hugely since the release of the first film, was seen by many fans to be essential for another installment to be a success, or even for one to go ahead at all.

This latest revelation all but seals it. It's happening.

Reedus also told the same reddit user he would love Boondock Saints co-star, Sean Patrick Flanery, to join him on The Walking Dead. Reedus said

"Sean would be great on the show he's a real life ninja.”

What role do you think Sean Patrick Flanery could play in The Walking Dead? Let me know in the comments below.


Would you have watched a third Boondock Saints without Norman Reedus?


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