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After Tim Burton, the director of two of cinema's darkest retreats into the world of comics on screen, recently came out to speak against the MCU's lack of "happy superheroes," that got me thinking about his imagining of a cinematic Batman and how little I knew of the crazy stories that went on behind the scenes.

You see I revered this movie as a kid, holding it in high stead reserved for Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles, Biker Mice From Mars and The Real Adventures Of Johnny Quest (just to name a few). Do you wanna know some of the craziest bits of trivia I came across on my search?


Robin Williams Could've Been the Joker?!

That's right! The recently passed legend was originally courted to play Batman's most iconic villain after Jack Nicholson initially turned it down. But upon approaching Nicholson again with the news that Williams had accepted the role and this was to be his last chance at playing "The Clown Prince of Crime," Nicholson agreed, much to William's disdain. He later refused playing The Riddler in Batman Forever and also refused working for Warner Bros. again until they apologized for using him as bait!

How Many Jokers?

Willem Dafoe, James Woods, John Lithgow, Tim Curry, and David Bowie were all considered to play The Joker! Imagine that! David Bowie...

Michael BATson...

M.J. was originally supposed to write and produce some songs for the movie, but turned it down due to commitments with concerts. Amazing!

Warner Bros. Are Delirious!

If the Batman feature was to have turned out as camp and colorful as the 1966 TV series, Eddie Murphy and Michael J. Fox were considered for the role of Robin. This is blowing my mind now.

Burton Banned!

Tim Burton got given a lifetime ban from any and all Comic Con events after the release of Batman for having The Joker be the Wayne's murderer, and for Vicki Vale's visit to the Batcave!

Air Knights

Warner Bros. had a product placement deal in place with Nike, who produced the boots that Batman wore in the movie!

Merely One?

Burton's Batman is the only Batman film to have a single villain. Overcrowded?

More Unlucky Than Lucky

Blade Runner's Sean Young was originally lined up to play Bruce Wayne's squeeze Vicki Vale, but had to pull out after breaking her collarbone one week before shooting began!


Were you pleasantly surprised by any of this trivia?


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