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Every great action movie, obviously, needs great action scenes. But the true adrenaline-filled masterpieces don't just have big guns and fast cars; they have sex appeal too - and they have it in spades.

What follows are some of the steamiest scenes to hit the big screen. I will warn you now though, if you're at work or sitting next to your mum, then it might be advisable to click away now. Things are about to heat up...

1. From Dusk Till Dawn - The Snake Scene

Salma Hayek's incredible table top dance had me absolutely glued to the screen, which made what happened next even more shocking!

The sequence oozes sexiness, with an atmospheric musical accompaniment to fit the mood perfectly. It's no wonder Sex Machine can't help his phallic contraption from popping off!

2. Shoot 'Em Up - The Sex-fuelled Shootout

Clive Owen, Monica Bellucci and whole lot of kinky gun play. Need I say more?

3. True Lies - The Strip Tease

Has Jamie Lee Curtis ever looked hotter? I mean, there's that ridiculous lingerie and the slicked back hair. And then there's the moves. Oh man she's got the moves. For once even Arnie didn't have a witty comeback.

And then this happened...

4. True Romance - Phone Booth Lovin'

Channeling a '90s version of Bonnie and Clyde, Clarence and Alabama were one of the coolest crime couples ever committed to celluloid. Seriously, True Romance had it all: a stoner Brad Pitt who hated being condescended, a dreadlocked Gary Oldman being all bad and shit and in Dennis Hopper's "Sicilian" speech, one of the greatest "fuck you's" ever delivered.

Oh, and there was also time for a little rock'n'roll hanky-panky in a phone booth as well....

...and all I could think was-you're so cool!

5. Top Gun - Take my breath away

There are many reasons this scene is one of the hottest ever in action movies. Firstly, it involves a young Tom Cruise and Kelly McGillis who are both ridiculously attractive people. Then there's fact it was shot almost entirely in blue, which everyone knows raised the passion factor by at least 10. And finally, there's the soundtrack.

Has there been a more sensual sex song than Berlin's "Take My Breath Away"? You're right there probably has, but I can't think of it right now.

Take it away folks!


Which scene got you hottest under the collar?


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