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In another tale of a gaming community pulling together and doing something utterly wonderful and moving, gamers of the MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV, this weekend, held a candlelight vigil for a brother in arms who had been hospitalized over the last few days.

The 29-year-old player behind the FFXIV avatar Codex Vahlda, a level 50 bard, was rendered brain dead following complications arising from renal failure (kidney failure), but was kept alive in order for family and friends to say their last goodbyes.

Redditor pattmyn spread the word initially to offer thanks to their FC Leader (Free Company) for bestowing Codex Vahlda with the permanent rank Immortal Siren, but the post garnered a heck of a lot more attention than he could have expected, as documented by imgur user aenemius, another member of Codex's "Night Sirens" Free Company on the Gilgamesh server.

Upon returning from a dungeon run, and hearing about pattmyn's post, aenemius found this avatar making a silent vigil outside their Free Company house.

And then more well-wishers appeared...

Leading to the game-crashing amount of eighty beautiful souls, all paying homage to a friend logging out for good.

On a beach near to the Free Company house, gamers gathered on the sand to spell Codex's name and put on a lovely light show.

After the word reached the FFXIV forums, gamers from other servers joined in to pay their respects.






Sadly, Codex Vahlda passed away, but he was surrounded by family and friends, who were thankful for the FFXIV community's mass show of condolences. He will forever be remembered in-game and in the hearts of the ones who loved him.

It's moments like these that make me even prouder to be a gamer.

(Image Source: aenemius via imgur, FFXIV forum)

(Source: pattmyn via Reddit)


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