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The slasher film Scream marked a turning point for the horror genre when it was released in 1996. Wes Craven directed the self-referential film which went on to gross over $173 million at the box office, earn cult status, and spawn three sequels throughout the next 15 years.

Scream starred both established and successful actors as well as up-and-comers, which helped secure a wide audience while they followed the story of Ghostface as he terrorized Sidney Prescott and the town of Woodsboro. But after 18 years, what do the cast of the much-loved slasher film look like? Take a look for yourself:

Neve Campbell a.k.a. Sidney Prescott

Fun fact: Sidney Prescott was Neve Campbell's first leading role and a character she loved. She said, "she's a fantastic character for any kind of movie."

Skeet Ulrich a.k.a. Billy Loomis

Fun fact: The scene when Ghostface snuck up behind Randy was the only scene where the person in costume was actually an actor rather than a stunt man; this was because Skeet Ulrich specifically asked to wear the costume for one scene.

Courteney Cox a.k.a. Gale Weathers

Fun fact: Courteney Cox, who at the time was on the TV show Friends, was drawn to the role of Gale Weathers and her bitchy nature to offset the nice image of Monica. Initially the studio refused to consider her because of her established role as 'nice girl' Monica, but eventually she won them over.

Rose McGowan a.k.a. Tatum

Fun fact: Despite her character ultimately meeting her demise due to not being able to escape through the pet flap in the garage door, during filming Rose McGowan discovered she could actually fit through the flap! McGowan has also stated that Scream was her favorite filming experience.

Drew Barrymore a.k.a. Casey Becker

Fun fact: Drew Barrymore was originally cast as Sidney Prescott but changed her mind about playing the lead five weeks before production began. Instead she chose to played Casey because she thought having such a big star killed off in the opening scene would make the audience think anything could happen.

David Arquette a.k.a. Dewey Riley

Fun fact: David Arquette met and fell in love with Courteney Cox on the set of Scream. The two were married until 2013 and have one daughter, Coco.

Matthew Lillard a.k.a. Stu Macher

Fun fact: Matthew Lillard was cast as Stu by complete chance, after accompanying his girlfriend to an unrelated audition in the same building. A casting director spotted Lillard in the corridor and asked him to audition on the spot.


Who has changed the most?

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