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As someone who grew up through the '90s, I happen to think that we definitely grew up in an era of awesome cartoons. Between Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network you had a line up of shows that no kid could resist, and the ultimate proof is the fact that all these years later, the memory of '90s cartoons still lives on.

One very talented artist, by the name of Jeffrey Cruz (a.k.a. theCHAMBA over on DeviantArt) is particularly skilled at recreating our fave cartoons. Take a look for yourself and be prepared for all the nostalgia feels:

The Powerpuff Girls

No matter how many pieces of Powerpuff Girls fan art I see, I never get sick of it! I love how angelic they all look.

Johnny Bravo

The whole Johnny Bravo gang is here! Johnny, Bunny, Little Suzy and even Carl looking slightly better looking than I remember from the show!


My favorite gang of crime solvers! Ok, ok so Scooby-Doo may not have started in the '90s (it started in 1969 and is still being made today!) but it was a big part of my cartoon memories from the '90s - for a good reason: it's an absolute classic! I love this fan art, though I do wonder about Daphnes pant choice...

Rocko's Modern Life

The little Australian wallaby with a pet dog, a best friend who is a cow, and a toad as a boss. Rocko's Modern Life was a seriously bizarre show and this picture sums it up perfectly!

Samurai Pizza Cats

I loved the Samurai Pizza Cats and I love this piece of fan art! The samurai's all look totally awesome and ready for action!

A whole bunch of Nick Toons

This one is the motherload! We've got Ren, Stimpy and Powdered Toast Man, Rocko, Heffer and Spunky, Ickis, Obina and Krumm, Arnold, Daggett and Norbet, Catdog, Spongebob and Patrick, and finally, Zim and GIR.


Ren & Stimpy and The Angry Beavers

These four actually make a pretty well matched group!

Captain Planet

In my opinion, probably the best cartoon of the '90s (and definitely the best theme song). Captain Planet inspired a whole generation of environmentalists, though in this fan art he looks like he might be inspiring some sort of fight club...

Earthworm Jim

Hell yeah, bad-ass Earthworm Jim! I love this one!


What was your favorite '90s cartoon?

Source: DeviantArt


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