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Daniel Volak

So we all know what a downward spiral the Predator, Alien and AvP franchise has gone on. Fortunately the Aliens were saved by Ridley Scott and Prometheus, but was Predators truly what we needed to save our hunters?

While I've loved the movie directed by Antal Nimrod, I guess I just wanted something more. Again, I've felt that we had far too much of the human characters and exposition while I would loved to see some predator interactions apart from standing around, looking cool and roaring. Sure they had a Black Predator - Predator fight but while it was short and sweet, it left us with nothing in the end.

The Yatjua, as they are called in the comics are a noble race. Sure they kill a lot but not because of malice but because they are hunters and they see anything other than their race as something of a prey.

Still, as I've read in the comics and books, predators don't really count Aliens (Xenomorphs) as real prey. To them, they are mindless beasts to be used only for training youngbloods. They fear humans more because of our intellect and advanced weaponry and found that hunting humans is way more exciting, fun and gives your that much honor.

So this is how it goes: When a Predator becomes old and strong enough to go on a hunt, they are granted a wrist mounted double blade and are thrown down on a planet, usually already artificially infested by Xenomorphs by the Yatjuas. There, the youngblood needs to kill it's first prey and mount it's head on his blades while writing the symbol of his clan on the forehead of himself and his trophy. Then, they are granted a spear which is both an honor and a more powerful tool to hunt. Then, they can join a crew and go on other planets. This is how I know it. Plasma casters are rare and are only granted to powerful, respected hunters.

So this is my idea, and it won't be that impressive but I would really love to see something like this. Imagine a whole feature length movie (maybe 2 hours or so) of a youngblood predator thrown on a planet, alone, only with a double blade. The planet was already inseminated by Aliens. We would see the movie, a lot of the time without dialogue, from the Predator's perspective, how it hunts for survival, makes shelter for himself and we might even have flashbacks on the Predator homeworld, how the caste system works, how the females look like, where our protagonist was born or how, how was his childhood, etc.

Then, during his skirmishes to find the Aliens, he would stumble upon a small yet greatly inhabited human colony. Since he does not have the trophy yet, he does not want to signal his orbiting ship, in fear of his first hunt being retracted or dishonored already.

We could see his struggle against both the wilderness of an alien planet, it's wildlife, aliens and humans while watching how the humans are taken over by the Xenomorphs and in the climax he might even kill a Queen.

Not only would this create great atmosphere, it wouldn't be that expensive to make (by Hollywood standards) and we would see inside Predator society (finally) and would have a movie where the humans are ( FINALLY!) not the main characters, only side characters. So, what do you guys think?


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