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So it's official....Norman Reedus is returning to play the role of Murphy MacManus one of the fraternal twins in the the all time favorite movie "Bondoock Saint's 3".After his huge success in "The Walking Dead" franchise he is all set to return to the third installment of this trilogy.This news was confirmed by the star himself in an interview given to reddit in his first ever AMA.We all knew there were some rumors of plot details few month's back but seeing Norman Reedus back is something to cheer up with.It was obvious that after his stint in The Walking Dead franchise Norman has a larger fan base than before and including him in the cast was kind of a mandatory thing for the director.

Can't wait for this shit!!!!!!
Can't wait for this shit!!!!!!

And not to mention Sean Patrick Flanery is also returning to go all guns blazing with his counterpart.When asked the two part question of if Boondock Saints 3 was happening in the near future and if it would be possible to have Sean Patrick Flanery on The Walking Dead, Reedus replied, “Hey good morning. Yeah it's on. In the works, happening. Sean would be great on the show he's a real life ninja.”

Although production woes kept it from becoming a hit on the big screen, it met huge success with home video releases. Its popularity has created a huge cult following who have avidly followed its releases for 15 years now since its debut in 1999. One thing is for sure having Norman Reedus will surely help the movie to becoming a box office hit.Let's hope for the best.




Do you think having Norman back would help the film to become a block buster movie?


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