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So it's been a long time since the Guardians of The Galaxy hit the theaters and I'm pretty sure all of you must have LOVED the movie. So the Blu-Ray of the film just came out and if there is one thing that i noticed is that Guardians of The Galaxy is kinda like the Marvel version of Star Wars...(Stark Wars?). I mean let's get our memories up with the two amazing film/franchises and see how they may be identical:

Peter Quill

So let's see... our hero starts off as an ordinary boy who doesn't know his father (who is still alive), is adopted by another alien who knew his father and is now away from his homeland not really caring much about his origin besides the basic information he has. He is later tamed by Yondu (or maybe Obi-Wan Kenobi is this case) who trains his and teaches him the way of living his father lived.

Rocket Raccoon

He is the Han Solo of this film. A criminal stranger to Peter Quill/ Luke Skywalker who unwillingly tries help him/ the other him to make money out of him and later helps him to get of the mess they made. Eventually he supports him and joins his team with his partner/muscle Groot/Chewbacca who speaks nothing anyone can understands except Solo or Raccoon.


Angry Princess Leia
Angry Princess Leia

Gamora, the Leia Organa (ya that's her last name xD), daughter of the antagonist.... well kinda... Who doesn't really know Quill/Skywalker so well but falls in love with him. She kinda hates Rocket/Han but eventually gets over the hate. I guess that's all about her really...



Or Chewbarka as hilariously named by Screen Junkies, is the awesome partner of Rocket Raccoon/Han Solo who really brings life to the group. He speaks a language no one except his partner understands (which includes 'I AM GROOT' too because Groot and Rocket literally have a complete conversation where he just says I AM GROOT which means a lot of words that Rocket understands). This friendly/not-so-friendly-to-enemies kinda-pet/mascot of the group is definitely the one that cannot be forgotten.


He is the R2D2 and C-3PO all by himself where he is always fighting against his inner self to realize what he really wants until he gets owned. He always needs assistance and really serves the group a lot by getting them into trouble and pointlessly making comments which make no sense. Although this lost guy who doesn't have any idea of what's coming (includes metaphors) is loved by all.


He is Darth Vader to this movie being main villain and the leader of the Republic who is aimed to destroy planet Xandar with the guidance/help of Thanos/Emperor. Not showing his face but covering it with shiny black to show he is evil,wearing a black samurai-type-hat, he literally does not die after multiple deaths and is somewhat the most dark character of the movie. (No one really cared about Ronan. Darth Vader was AWESOME!)


The Emperor Palpatine of this film who basically does nothing but order people around sitting on a chair to do his work and himself doing nothing until the very end...(Infinity Waaaaaaar).

The Collector

How can we forget this awesome character whom everyone remembers? Well he is nothing but the preset the Star Wars movies give before the films start assisted by "A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away..."/(in The Collector's accent) CARINA!

Peter Quill's Jet

LOOK! The Millennium Falcon in action!
LOOK! The Millennium Falcon in action!

By jet I don't mean his iconic jet boots but his actually jet in which he flies around which ALSO has light speed and which is the transporter/tank which our Star Lord takes around with his team to move and fight in battles which is basically what the Millennium Falcon did.

Nova Corps

Well the Xandarian army was definitely resembling the Rebels with their jets which have a star like structure and is headed towards the Ronan's Ship/Death Star which is going to blast off Xandar/every rebel station.

Ronan's Army

Ronan's army kind of reminds us of the Stormtroopers looking all alike and have awkwardly small shaped jets which also have wings and kind of do a lot of damage.

The Most Common Thing?



What do you guys think?


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