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Did you ever wonder where Christopher Nolan's Joker got his scars? The iconic villain, brilliantly played by Heath Ledger, gives several different stories during the course of the "Dark Knight", but everyone was left wondering at the end of the movie, were any of those stories true? This fan theory could be a possible explanation. (SPOILER ALERT!)

When you look at the book, “Fight Club”, (not the movie), The Narrator, Tyler Durden, gets his face mutilated as a result of the many fights he had been in. The author, Chuck Palahniuk, describes the wounds on his cheeks as a permanent smile; he also ends up imprisoned in an insane asylum at the last scene of the book.

Now if you look at Christopher Nolan’s “Batman Begins” patients are released from Arkham Asylum as a result of Ra's al ghul's plan to make Gotham destroy itself. Without an actual back story it would be within reason to conclude that The Joker could have been one of them. The Joker also happens to have a permanent smile in the form of scars on his cheeks!

The similarities go beyond the scars on their cheeks, the Joker also shares Tyler Durden's distaste for society, and both commit crimes simply to cause anarchy and disorder! Simply put, The Joker could be The Narrator escaped from Arkham Asylum with a new even more hostile split personality!

Although many would argue this is not possible because The Narrator effectively destroys his alter ego (Tyler) at the end of the book, however, there is evidence that The Narrator had more than one split personality! Many fan theories speculate that Marla and the limo driver are actually part of the Narrator's already fractured psyche; and who knows what kind of effect the fear gas, released in "Batman Begins", could have had on the former leader of Project Mayhem's mind?!

Agree with this theory or not, the pieces fit together pretty nicely, and it is not the worst idea in the world that these two iconic characters could be one in the same, but what are your thoughts?


Could The Joker be the Narrator?


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