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First of all, any of you Psycho fans out there should be familiar with this teaser; Norman looking through the peep hole, the woman undressing, the shower running...come on.

But the real question here is who is the woman, and will we finally see the most anticipated scene in the series? I have my own theories to who will eventually become Marion Crane's character, and it wasn't this woman. I think that it will be Bradley. First of all, she left the town as Norman still had feelings for her. Later on, she drives back to the [Bates Motel](series:753920) when she realizes she loves Norman. But the mother in him won't let him love her, so he puts her in the motel. The room next to the office as a matter of fact and that is where he continues to use the peep hole. He/she can't take it anymore so he puts on his mother's clothes, and kills her in the shower. Plus Bradley is a blonde so it would work. That is my theory.

As we saw from the last season, Norman passed the polygraph test and ending told us who Norman really is; his mother.

So where does it go from there? Maybe it shows Norman dealing with this split personality, maybe we finally see Norman dress up in his mother's clothes. During this scene in the 1960 film, the mother is already dead so will we see Norma to her death? After she dies Norman would keep her body around and put her in that rocking chair in his room, and then eventually in the basement. What happens to Dylan then, and Emma? As much as I would love to see all of this unfold, I don't want to see Vera Farmiga leave the show; her character is just too awesome to watch.

This teaser could also represent the end of the season, and have everything lead up to the infamous shower scene. I can't wait until March and to the see where the show expands.

Check out the teaser here.

What do you think will happen?


Will we see the shower scene?


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