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For the first time since 2005, we saw a new live action Ra's al Ghul, this time played by Matt Nable instead of Liam Neeson. He has been well received by fans of Arrow, Batman, and DC alike. But will he live to the start of Season 4?

See, in the comics, Ra's al Ghul had two daughters: Nyssa al Ghul, and Talia al Ghul. Talia was held much higher than Nyssa, and Nyssa was described as Ra's' "treacherous daughter". In fact, she also tried to kill him! What does this mean though? It means Ra's al Ghul will probably die.

I know what you're planning Nyssa...
I know what you're planning Nyssa...

So if you've seen the mid season finale of Arrow, you know that Malcolm had video footage of Thea killing Sara. I don't know about you, but I don't believe any of it. I find it too easy for Merlyn to be able to make a fake video. I have a theory that Ra's al Ghul killed Sara with Malcolm Merlyn there. Malcolm and Ra's had a deal (I don't know what) and Ra's killed the woman his daughter loved for leaving the League to help Oliver earlier in the season premiere. And let's not forget one of the showrunners said Ra's al Ghul is responsible for some events that kick off the year. What kicked off the year better than the murder of a recurring character?

Now back to the present; Nyssa finds this out somehow, and then she kills her father in some League of Assassins way. This could be a great move for the show, seeing as a female character took down the villain, and not the regular male protagonist. It could add a more female dominant side to the show that Felicity, Laurel, and Sara were never able to add.


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