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I was just looking over the line up of Marvel movies slated to come out in the next decade and I noticed something. The build up centers around very big characters; movers and shakers in Marvels comic universe. I hear you saying, “Well, of course, they are. Otherwise, why would they be making movies about them. I understand this. But what I’m talking about is a bit more moving and a lot more shaking. There have been murmurings of a move on the Hulk that we have no confirmation on, but the fans have been clamoring for Planet Hulk none the same. It is much the same way the internet has blown up since the Avengers movie about their needing to do a Marvel Civil Wars movie. And, now, the MCU has announced that Captain America 3 will, in fact, carry the subtitle, ‘CIVIL WAR’.

Hmmm. So, it is not outside the realms of possibilities. But, for the Planet Hulk to happen, there would need to be a powerful enclave brought together; a group of people to plot against the ‘strongest one there is’ and attempt to jettison him out into deep space. Those of you in the comic know understand what I’m getting at. I’m saying that, for all of this to be pulled together, it would make better sense to have the Illuminate involved.

Now, those of you NOT in the comic know, I’m not talking about Jay z and Beyonce. I’m talking about a gathering of the most powerful minds on the planet who pulled together to protect the planet in spite of itself. The first gathering was revealed in New Avengers #7 in 2005, but they had been around since the beginning of Marvel history. The first Illuminati consisted of Reed Richards, Black Bolt of the Inhumans, Charles Xavier of the X-Men, Prince Namor, [Doctor Strange](movie:559685) and Tony Stark aka Iron Man. Now, right off the bat, we see a problem if we wish to bring the Illuminati to the big screen. Three of the original six are owned cinematically by other companies. Xavier and all of the mutants belong to Fox and Prince Namor for some odd reason belongs to Universal Studios. SO, unless a deal is struck, that eliminates half the original six.

Tony stark is neck deep in manipulating things for the greater good already. He’s building prototypes of Ironmen that will patrol the skies. He’s one step away from taking over S.H.I.E.L.D. if you ask me. It would make total sense for Tony to spear head the Illuminati for the safety of us all.

Dr. Strange, an original member also, is already slated for his own movie in 2016 and there has been murmuring about him possibly having a cameo in [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](movie:293035).

The inhumans have been green lighted for a movie in 2018. Black Bolt, also an original member of the Illuminati, and king of the Inhumans, will most likely be involved along with his queen wife, Medusa who has also been a part of the Illuminati.

But just because these three are the only originals that could show, that doesn’t count out the possibility of seeing the Illuminati in the MCU. Replacing members of the Illuminati has become an ongoing merry go round. And another current member of the Illuminati will make his debut in [Captain America: Civil War](movie:994409), and will star in his own movie in 2017 and his homeland at least will be seen in Age of Ultron. Black Panther has been slated to be the first hero of color from the marvel house of ideas to get a standalone movie. Not that he’s the only choice. Luke Cage, Power Man, is getting the Netflix treatment in the next year or so. But Black Panther totally fits in the Illuminati and could bring them the international feel they need.

Ok, so far, we have [Black Panther](movie:9047), Tony Stark, Black Bolt/Medusa and Dr. Strange. That would be enough, but, if they feel the need to fill out five or six slots, there are plenty of possibilities.


Bruce Banner has been a member and, although this makes a Planet Hulk movie difficult, it would make total sense. Do you think Stark is going very far without his ‘science brother’? I could totally see him standing alongside the other four!


Another recruit into the Illuminati fold is one genius scientist, Hank Pym. Now this character is ALSO getting his own movie; [Ant-Man](movie:9048) (in case you didn’t know). He is also one of the highest ranking brains in the world. On top of that, according to insiders, his role in the MCU is as a founding member of the Avengers before the fact back in the 60s. It would totally make sense for him to be involved with the behind the scenes growth of the idea and protection of the world.

So the group is fresh on all of our minds as becoming one of the possible antagonist for the Avengers down the road; menaced by their own for a good cause? I could see them making cameos in the post credit scenes as early as Age of Ultron and mopping up after the Infinity War. I mean, I could see them taking the gems from Thanos and each taking one (as seen in the comics in the past) for safe keeping. And, of course, things go wrong from there. Will Planet Hulk happen? Probably not. Will the Illuminati make an appearance in the MCU? Not sure. All I’m saying is that is very possible and could be a story driver real soon.


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