BySteve McNally, writer at

Tina Fey and Jason Bateman could riff on the day's newspaper and be reasonably entertaining. Cory Stoll was supposed to be the stiff, earnest big brother and he pulled it off as well as he did with the stiff, earnest pol he played in House of Cards. This was a meaty role for Adam Driver. He made it work, but I do wonder if he'll be a quirky, post-Hipster in the next Star Wars, too.

How much of Tina Fey and Timothy Olyphant's storyline wound up on the edit room floor? It seemed the filmmakers were setting it up to be a strong sub-plot, but they abandoned it. Then they picked it up, didn't flesh it out much, and abandoned it again.

They were in a car accident together. Olyphant's Horry suffered permanent brain damage. Fey's Wendy left town. They again slept together during shiva. That's all we know. They were interesting enough that we could do with knowing more.

Jane Fonda's and Debra Monk's relationship was explained in a paragraph's worth of dialog. Fonda's Hillary spent more than that speaking to her dead husband's prowess.

We wanted to know more about Wendy's relationship with her absentee husband if only so we could be 100% on Wendy's side for sleeping with Horry. More about Judd and his wife, before the affair, would have reïnforced our understanding. Supporting stories about Phillip's f*ckups would have explained his situation and relationship with his siblings.

It was enjoyable enough. Maybe it's a great accomplishment to have been left wanting more; I'm thinking of it more as squandered opportunity.


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