ByMina Stevanovic, writer at
Mina Stevanovic

If you've been wondering what is going to happen to our dear BonBon,wonder no more.We have confirmation that she is coming back home. TVD executive producer Caroline Dries spilled the beans on Bonnie's future and we've got the scoop.

Apparently the only remaining Bennet witch is coming back but will she be the same as before?The answer is NO.

According to Caroline the defining moment for her character was burning that christmas tree in the mid-season finale.Meaning BonBon will never be the same again.

“It was definitely symbolic," Caroline said of Bonnie’s Christmas celebration. “Bonnie was trying to see the silver lining in her situation and get out and enjoy a day where she could celebrate and reminisce and not feel sorry for herself. She tried to take the high road, and she did, but by the end of the day she realized, ‘This isn't working. I'm alone here. This sucks. Screw it.' This first chapter of Bonnie being stuck in this prison world is over, and a new badass Bonnie is emerging."

Whatever that means i am glad they are making some changes.I am curious what they have decided to do with her character an how it will effect the rest of the group.Tell me what you guys think in the comments bellow!!! :)


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