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The Caped Crusader has been blowing up media since the Dark Knight Rises. He's set to come back in movie media in 2016 to face Superman in the Dawn of Justice movie. But why is this Dark Knight so good in our DC Universe. After staying up late reading Origin Batman comics and New 52 comics. I have reasons why the Dark Knight is the best

Then it comes to picking the best robin. Batman has a good pick for it. Good Robins like the Bo Staff Man, Timothy Drake

Dark Knight. The Batman. Caped Crusader. Bruce Wayne. Bruce Wayne is a billionaire is the corrupted city of Gotham. His parents got killed outside a theater. Even since that Death, Bruce made a vow to stop crime in his city. He traveled across the world to learn the most deadliest martial arts in North Korea, after learning this fighting technique. Bruce Wayne returned to Gotham as BATMAN. Now the reason why Batman is good.

Batman has no powers and uses earth equipment to defeat people with POWERS, how awesome is THAT.

I think DC have a good perk to people without powers. I think making Batman was a good idea for DC, making Batman a hero without powers makes Batman a SUPERHERO. He uses his money and wealth to provide all the equipment he needs. If you ask any batman fan. Who would win in a fight Superman or Batman. They would say Batman.

It's funny how a human can subdue a Kyrptonian warrior. Batman has the focus, will and power to take down anybody and anything if we wants to. He could climb a mountain just to battle Ra Al Ghul. Green Arrow can do it but, his martial arts style was off and he got sword into his chest.

Take a look at this Battle between the Dark Knight and Superman.

Batman has the Batcave.

Batman without the Batcave is useless for the help of Gotham City. All of his equipment, resources, help all comes from the Batcave. Again Batman has wealth and power in order to keep the Batcave in order. It would be hard to find the Batcave. FBI has tried, CIA's best hackers didn't find the Batcave, not even Riddler. The location of the Batcave is like 50 miles away from the City.

Batman has the best ROBINS except Stephanie Brown a.k.a The Spoiler.

When Batman picks Robins. He knows what he's doing, he picks Robins that have the best quality and similar background and equal loyalty with each other. They are such great Robins in the past that have made him so great. Such as Dick Grayson a.k.a Nightwing. Then Timothy Drake a.k.a Red Robin. Actually there isn't the world greatest Robin.

In the New 52 comics Batman agreed and verified that Dick Grayson was the best Robin.

Looking Cool
Looking Cool

Eventually all of Batman's robins grew up and became their own man. Nightwing married StarFire, Tim Drake went to Bludhaven to become Red Robin and Stephanie Brown actually got killed by Joker in some of the Detective Comics or maybe New 52.

Robins were like eyes and ears to Batman, they were like Arsenals. Arsenal. Green Arrow. Roy Harper. OK I'm going off Topic here about Robins.

Robins had to be disciplined and confident when running out in the field. It was nothing bad like Arrow and Speedy in Season Two of Arrow. But in speedy's defense he was stabbed with a Mirakuru syringe.

Robins were allowed to full access of the BatCave and all of it's equipment.

It would awesome to be a Robin wouldn't it be.

Lastly, Batman covers his identity with a perfect ego, so nobody could confirm that he is Bruce Wayne.

Batman does an excellent job of disguising himself as a rich,spoilt, money-blower billionaire Bruce Wayne. Bruce Wayne would cruise the metropolitan parts of his city buying nightclubs or casinos. He does this on purpose so that stalkers wouldn't think that he's Batman.

In Gotham, the poor hate the rich because their rich and the rich hate the poor because their poor. So when you ask some hobo in Arkham if you think Bruce Wayne could be Batman, they would say no.

But not to this reason I just stated that the poor hate the rich and the rich hate the poor. In fact Bruce Wayne has done a lot good things for the Gotham City, Charity, Hospitals, Entertainment Centers and Orphanages.


In conclusion i believe that these are the Factors that make Batman efficient to the the DC Universe.

He would be probably one of the those never die heroes.

Batman is now 75 years old.


Is Batman still needed in this Universe after 75 years of making


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