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Thoughts of Egypt bring thoughts of characters like the living Pharoah, the living mummy from the 70s, the living Monolith and Moon Knight. Actually none of these really beckon back to the heyday of the origin of civilization. In fact, most of these were not even Egyptian in modern or ancient times. No, looking over the whole of Marvel’s world and multidimensional history, I find only one that seems to fit the bill.

Now the fact that they have placed this place right up next to #3 the Realm of Apocalypse should seem like an obvious nod to Apocalypse’s Egyptian heritage. You would think that the immortal mutant master would be at home and welcome in a place called Egyptia. However, if my findings are correct, not only will Apocalypse be at odds with Egyptia, but may find himself up against one of Marvel’s toughest and powerful villains.

In 1991, the first version of the New Warriors became caught up in a story titled ‘Earth-Forever Yesterday’ of which they became emersed in an alternate reality of our world that had been rebuilt around the rise of Egypt to the single world power. This happened when Moses challenged the Pharoah’s magicians. One rose to the occasion and defeated Moses. His power rose and he received the KA STONE from a ‘young woman’. This magician was a man known as Anath-Na Mut, the Sphinx. As the story went, the Sphynx lost his will for immortality and gave his life up. But what if he hadn’t. What if he ruled over this altered reality building it and it’s heroes to a super power. AND what if they were thrown in with a myriad of other realities to vie for power? THAT’S what we’re looking at here.

The Anath-Na Mut of our reality was humiliated by the Biblical Moses and banished from Egypt. Wandering the wastelands he found a temple that held the KA STONE. Merging with it, he became immortal and extremely powerful. The defeated sorcerer now became the Sphinx and roamed the world aimlessly until he grew weary of his new-found immortality. He became suicidal with no way of ending his life. Long story made short, the Sphinx is worthy adversary for any of our many meglomaniacs coming soon to the Secret Wars.

This brings his coming collision with Apocalypse. In the altered reality where the Sphinx was triumphant and recreated the world in Egypt's image, Anath-Na Mut had assembled his own Avengers made up of Egyptian heroes:

Thor was replaced by an Egyptian God, Horus and stood along side fellow heroes Storm, [Captain Marvel](movie:949779) (Monica Rambeau), Iron Man (unknown), Captain Assyria (Unknown) and Nova.

We see them again during AVENGERS FOREVER working with Kang....

The funny thing is, in this alternate reality, the Sphinx and his Avengers found themselves at war with the MLF, THE MUTANT LIBERATION FRONT!

This is surprising seeing that Anath-Nu Mut is listed as a Mutant. This will make things interesting when Apocalypse gets involved. The Realm of Apocalypse will most likely back the MLF against the Sphinx; bringing us a classic confrontation!

The only other Marvel characters connected to Egypt that I would be interested in seeing are the Egyptian Gods themselves, especially Seth and RAMA TUT, the time travelling interloper who became Kang. And, as far as that goes, will we see Kang on Battleworld? I would almost bet on it.

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