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A Halo mega-fan has spent 3.5 years sculpting the iconic Pillar of Autumn space cruiser! It is six feet long and weighs over 200 pounds using just Lego bricks. Take a look.

The UNSC Pillar of Autumn, (hull classification symbol C-709), was a Halcyon-class light cruiser in the UNSC Navy. It was informally referred to as the Autumn, and in some cases, the Pillar.

The Pillar of Autumn
The Pillar of Autumn

The UNSC Pillar of Autumn was constructed at the Reyes-McLees Shipyards on Mars in 2509 as one of the then-new Halcyon-class cruisers. It has an extensive honeycomb structure and saw action during the First Battle of Arcadia against the Covenant in February 2531.

During the space battle over Reach, Pillar of Autumn defeated a Covenant supercruiser on its own that even the Fleet's carriers could not defeat, proving Pillar of Autumn to be one of the most durable warships ever built by UNSC Navy.

Lego Pillar of Autumn
Lego Pillar of Autumn

This Lego Pillar however is not quite so herculean but in Lego terms is a beast. She is over six feet long and weighs more than 200 pounds. It's quite an impressive feat overall, though the most impressive part is probably the epic-looking engines.

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Too much or an epic display of Lego engineering?

Source: Kotaku, Eclipse bricks


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