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Reimagining and genderbending in fan art is a popular thing to do these days, and something our readers always love, no matter how much we show them. But talented DeviantArtist circusmayer has created a very cool series, an anime-styled Avengers gender swap that are some of the most fun I've seen in a while.

Captain America

Strong, fierce, and with Cap's iconic shield, Lady Cap is what 'Murica is all about. Not gonna lie, though, really have to wonder how she can execute her trademark fighting style while being so, uh, gratuitously top-heavy.

Iron Woman

I dig this. Not Iron Woman all suited up, but a stripped-down Tony (or would that be Toni?) Stark, complete with welder's gloves and tools.

Lady Loki and Lady Thor

This is definitely different than the actual Marvel design for its newly-launched female Thor. But no matter what gender Loki is, he or she always has that trademark smirk.

Lady Hulk

There's already an actual She-Hulk, but it appears circusmayer didn't want to leave any of the Avengers out, so here is Lady Hulk. Man, check out that V-cut. That's just impressive.


Figures Hawkeye would be sticking her tongue out. Maybe she's mad about Hawkeye's lack of screentime in the movies? Ouch.

Agent Romanoff

No nonsense attitude? Check. All black? Check. Redhead? Check. I don't seem to recall Black Widow being a smoker, though. Or would we call him Black Widower?


Which is your favorite Avengers fan art reimagining?


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