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Everyone knows that 2008's Iron Man was the movie that really launched it all, the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe. Has it really only been six years? At the time of its release, no one knew how huge it would become, or everything that would come after it. So it's an interesting exercise to look back at some of the behind-the-scenes trivia for the film and see how many you knew. You may already know most of these, but if not, you're welcome! Because some of this trivia is crazy! Like...

The Iron Man suit is made of roughly 450 separate pieces

When we look at one of Tony Stark's Mark suits, most of us imagine it breaking down into rough pieces like chestpiece, gloves, arms, legs, boots, face piece. We were wrong. We were so wrong. Like...425 more pieces wrong.

Looking at the blueprint above gives you an idea of just how many individual pieces went into making the first on-set, working version of Iron Man's suit. a lot of assembly required.

They got clever about avoiding spoilers

To avoid any of the extras on set leaking spoilers about Tony Stark's big "I am Iron Man" reveal, all of the extras involved with the press conference scene were told it was merely a dream sequence that ultimately meant nothing. Pretty clever, Favreau, pretty clever.

Paul Bettany had NO idea what he was getting into

And I mean that both literally and figuratively. Bettany had worked with Jon Favreau on 2004's Wimbledon and agreed to voice the role of Jarvis as a favor to the director. It took him only two hours to record all of his dialogue for the first film and he still wasn't 100% clear what the movie was about. Fast-forward six years later and he's now being upgraded to the Vision in [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](movie:293035). Not too bad for a guy who had no idea what he was getting into.

There were LOTS of nerdy references

For example, did you know the sound used as the target lock sound on Iron Man's HUD (Heads Up Display) was the sound of the laser cannon from the first Spaced Invaders game? You do now.

The film was 17 years in the making

Iron Man was originally the victim of Marvel selling off all its live action character rights back in the 90s. The film was supposed to be made back in 1990 by Universal Pictures. But the rights passed to 20th Century Fox and then New Line Cinema before Marvel finally regained the rights and decided to make the movie they wanted. Crazy.

The Iron Monger suit weighed 800 pounds

For Obadiah Stane's massive Iron Monger suit, the famed Stan Winston Studios built an animatronic version of it. It was 10 feet tall, weighed 800 lbs., and designed to simulate walking. It took 5 operators just to work it. No word on whether or not they disassembled it once the film was over.

Iron Man was the second Jon Favreau film to plug Ray's Pizza chain

Obadiah brings Tony a box of pizza from Ray's, which is actually a real, NYC-based pizza chain that director Jon Favreau loved. But Iron Man wasn't the first Favreau film to feature a plug for Ray's - Elf was the first, when Buddy the Elf recommends it to Santa Claus.

What are some cool Iron Man facts that you know? Tell me in the comments!


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