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The ending of "The Man In the Yellow Suit" pretty much screams that Harrison Wells is the Reverse Flash. But what about earlier when we see the professor being beat up by the Reverse Flash? He's not fast enough to be in two places at once, right? And even if he is, he wouldn't be beating up himself. This implies that there has to be at least one other Reverse Flash. And based on the fact that Eddie is obviously this show's incarnation of Eobard Thawne, he's gotta be the other Reverse Flash, right? "But," you say, "Eddie was in the room when Wells was attacked by Reverse Flash!" True enough. This would imply then that there are, in fact, not one, not two, but THREE different Reverse Flashes running around in Central City. If Wells and Eddie are both the Reverse Flash, what is the identity of the other one? My theories are as follows.

1. A Future Barry Allen

This is definitely the least likely theory, because Barry wouldn't go back in time to fight himself, right? Or would he? A future Barry could have come back to stop Barry from doing something that would ultimately cause him harm. But if it is a future Barry, why the Reverse Flash suit? It is possible, however unlikely, that something happened to Barry's original red suit or even that he decided to change it to keep up with the times. Again, this theory is far-fetched at best.

2. Barry's Dad

Now at this point, you're screaming, "Wait a minute! Barry's dad is in jail! There's no way he's the Reverse Flash!" I challenge that. Can you prove that is actually Barry's dad? For all practical purposes, his dad could have framed a lookalike of himself and be secretly running through the city to prevent Barry from getting into trouble. If it IS Barry's father, what's his motivation? My theory is that he's trying to protect his son. We've seen in the past that generally, whenever Barry tussles with other metahumans, he has a tendency to come off second best. "But if he is trying to protect Barry, why is he attacking Barry's mentor and friends?!" Easy. He doesn't approve of the company Barry keeps. "But surely," you say, "Barry's dad didn't murder his own wife!" I agree 110%. But remember? I said there are two other Reverse Flashes loose in the city. One of them is likely Nora Allen's killer. You may also be wondering why Barry's dad would be threatening to hurt Joe and murder Iris. Again, I believe that this is one of the other Reverse Flashes.

3. Joe West

Again, as with the previous two theories, this one is pretty out there. But if Joe is the other Reverse Flash, it does cause certain pieces of the puzzle to fall into place. He's attacking Wells because he's suspicious of him and Eddie was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. If Joe IS the third Reverse Flash, it may be that he has discovered the identity of at least one of the other Reverse Flashes and thinks it unlikely that Barry can handle the situation by himself. Furthermore, he could also be trying to protect his daughter from the threat of the other Reverse Flashes.

4. Someone we have yet to be introduced to

This is probably the most likely of all my theories. It is fairly self-explanatory as well. It is quite possible that this third Reverse Flash is someone we have yet to meet. Is this Nora Allen's killer? What are this Reverse Flash's motives? How will he deal with the other Reverse Flashes? And most importantly, what does this mean for Barry Allen aka [The Flash](series:1068303)?


Who is the third Reverse Flash?


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