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Well, hopefully. BTW sorry about the title organisation, its my first article. Anyway, as we all know the one and only Robert Downey Jr is renowned for his tendency's when it comes to giving the people of Facebook unintentional -cough,cough,wink,wink,nudge,nudge- spoilers. I mean, can you remember the time that he made everyone think that Toby McGuire would be joining our amazingly assembled avengers.

And we now know that there have been talks within Sony that means they want to get away from the same 'used' characters ,e.g. Spider-Man and Adam Sandler, in order to make their company fresh again, however Andrew Garfield has a contract tied to Sony, furthermore making it quite the feat for Marvel to have Spider-Man + our new favorite friendly neighborhood Spider... Angry ex-Facebook C.F.O. .

yeah, sure you don't
yeah, sure you don't

Anyway back to to main topic, in my opinion RDJ's post shows that not only is there a possible 2 part (2nd part unrelieved...yet) civil war and the director may have already been chosen. If you allow me to cast your mind back to a time when our favorite Ron Man was being generous, might be hard though as it happens so often.

Ron Man, good for ALL of your news anchoring needs
Ron Man, good for ALL of your news anchoring needs

But the particular time I'm talking is about is when he decided to help a friend in need: Mr Mel Gibson, for more on this please visit,manual

Thanks for sticking around guys, so here it is, my analysis: Civil war will be a two part phenomenon of film making that will graft the path for the future marvel features to come. Part one will be in the view of Captain america (as revealed) and the hopefully as of yet un-revealed part two will show the event in the shoes, or should I say armor of Iron Man. With or without Spider-Man the future looks like its going to be filled with white bold text and a red background.

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