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Spider-Man one of my all time favorite heroes is getting pulled apart by a daunting custody battle between Sony and Marvel. This ongoing negotiation has fans on a roller coaster of emotions (seems most are rooting for marvel to take full control) and even news outlets cant keep up with the litigations. Before I touch on what seems to be the main points for fans lets go over some of the alleged proposals for Spideys rights.

Ideas being tossed around such as Marvel gets to use Spidey in [Captain America: Civil War](movie:994409) (Spidey, Cap, Iron man, Panther please please!) with Sony paying 25% of the films cost and getting to use two Marvel Characters in they're next Spidey movie with marvel putting up 25% for that film. Also Sony would be able to continue the plot of civil war in the subsequent Spidey movies as well being in control of Spideys costume, actor, and input on directors for anything Spidey appears in.

There is also a push for Marvel to use Spidey in infinity wars 1+2 and have to produce a Spidey film by 2019 the consequence if any of the movies miss the release date.....100 million in damages to Sony and full rights revert back. Its reported that Sony is also asking for promotion through marvels Parent company Disney. Talk about a hard bargain, from a business standpoint does Sony really have that much leverage with Spidey to warrant all the demands also does marvel need Spidey that much? but of course from a fan stand point WHO CARES JUST GET IT DONE!!!! so lets examine what's important to fans and the fan points.

Ok so what Should be fans cares and concerns? I'm sure Numerous things but lets touch on a few of the important ones.

•Re-Rebooting: Should his character once again be rebooted with his origin being tweeked once more to fit the events of the MCU?

•Actor: it looks like Andrew may be out so who should take of the great responsibility of being the new face of peter

•The Age: what Spidey are we going for? with so much already happening in the MCU do we want a fresh just got his powers high school Spidey to greatly offset the older already assembled avengers or do we want a late collage peter already comfortable and seasoned as a hero.

•Costume: With Spidey sporting so many Amazing digs is it time we get something fresh. I'm sure a great draw in would be the use of spider-armor which would be perfect for civil war for at least part of the film.

•Peters Women: Lets face it part of what makes Spidey great is his life as peter but introducing him in several films before his next solo bout we might not be able to see much of his personal life but if so who is most important Gwen? Mary Jane? Aunt May?

I have a lot of faith in Marvels cinematic capabilities and look forward to see how this all pans out. Which ever way this web of studio negotiations decides to swing I just hope Spidey fans climb out on top.


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