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So that is us till late January early February... Yes my friends it is officially "Mid-Season" and it would seem this time round we are all in the same boat. For you see the gods and the planets decided they would all align and have CW's Arrow and Flash, FOX's Gotham, NBC's Constantine and of course AMC's Walking Dead go on Mid-Season break together. Oh and [Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.](series:722469) but who the hell cares about that crap.

I know, I know sad times for us all. Especially when all the above series went on break on such a high note... With the likes of a Reverse Flash reveal (Maybe??), The death of a main character in Arrow (Maybe??), Jim Gordon losing his job and The Walking Dead having its most solid block of 9 episodes since perhaps season 2.


It is [The Walking Dead](series:201193) I want to talk about today though. There has been something bugging me for some time now and I just could not quite place what was wrong with me and why it just was not sitting right. Something Walking Dead has never been accused of is excellent character development, I mean even when they have the chance to build some potential they go ahead and squander it (Season 4 Pt 2 anyone???)... However they seemed to be really trying out something new in Season 5 with the 3 best roles on the show.

One of the many Look At the Flowers Memes
One of the many Look At the Flowers Memes


Carol in season 5 started very much the way she left us in season 4. She was the bear cub mother of the group, the lioness, mess up her shit and she could not have that. Carol it would seem had made her transition from beaten upon housewife to all round ultimate badass. Season 5 starts and she is the catalyst for the Terminus escape. She meets up with the group and no longer feels part of it anymore. She knows she cant ever undo the things she did to protect the group. Then we got to the cutaway episode with Carol, Darryl and Beth. She did this huge u-turn in character that just felt weird to me. However it made sense giving our next characters arc...


Without a doubt this was his season, stole every scene, every episode and all our hearts. He is now very much a solidified member of the survivors group. He needs them every bit as much as they need him. Again though we got to that cutaway episode and he turned so rapidly it just didn't sit with me again. When he meets Noah at the start of the Episode he wants to help him, then by the end of the episode when Noah is pinned under the bookshelf, he seems perfectly happy to let him die... WHY??? My only explanation on this is so that the Mid-Season finale could have all the impact it was supposed to have. For you see there was a definite shift in roles in this season which I will be getting to but first lets talk...


Once a man of the law, then he became an apocalypse survivor where he set up his Ricktatorship, he couldn't handle the responsibility so he went farming at the prison. Right at the end of season 4 he gave us a dark glimpse of who he might be next. Season 5 started and right out the gate we see that Rick is now willing do whatever it takes and kill whoever he has to so he can keep his group safe. Rick is no longer listening to anyone but himself and I bloody love it. New Rick is exactly what I have wanted for 4 season's. Evil, Sadistic and is taking no more shit from Walkers or humans a like.

Soooo this is my theory... What if Rick is slowly becoming the Guvnor, yes I know he has those type of quality's but what if... And bare with me here, what if Rick is to become the new big bad on the Walking Dead.

So I mentioned the switch and I would like to explain that. Darryl has that moment where he is willing to let Noah die which was out of keeping with his arc however it made perfect sense because when we get to that final scene when ***SPOILERS*** Dawn Kills Beth, his response is so quick and so decisive he is practically Rick in that scene while Rick kinda just stands there looking dumb ***SPOILERS***

I would love to think two things happened here, Darryl's actions effectively made him lay claim to the group (he shot Dawn not Rick) he has cemented his role as the man to follow. I would love to see Rick turn even more Guvnor like and start to lose a grip of his group, becoming more and more the outsider, slowly driving him to the Dark Side so to speak... Meanwhile D-Man picks up the slack. Now I am not saying do this now because I think a switch like this has got to be gradual, but what if?? and this part is pure speculation. We assume it was Negan and his saviors that turned Gareth into tainted meat eaters... But what if Negan does come into the show and somehow turns Rick against our group making Rick the new big bad.

I dunno that's what I think would be interesting but what do I know, I dont write the program but one thing I love seeing on Tv is when the do gooder role becomes a right bastard and I think this role in particular could that.

So what do you all think??? would you love to see rick turn baddie??? or do you not care enough to give a shit???

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