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Black Bolt is a Marvel character who will appear in the upcoming Inhumans movie as their leader. He'll no doubt be the movie's central character and will play a crucial role in the overall Marvel Cinematic Universe as it moves into [The Avengers: Infinity War](movie:738027) saga in later years.

Black Bolt's most prominent power is his devastating voice. His whisper could shatter a mountain, his normal speaking voice could level a city, while his angry shout could tear a planet in half. Suffice to say he is a pretty powerful and has been depicted in comics as someone who can stand toe-to-toe with the almighty mad titan Thanos.

Obviously, with such a devastating voice, Black Bolt remains silent 99% of the time and is basically a mute. Also, it's worth noting that, like all of [The Inhumans](movie:910490), he is physically superior to normal humans. This includes superior reaction time, stamina, strength, resistance to injury, and speed. In most depictions of the character, he can also fly.

So who should play Blackagar Boltagon?

We're looking for...

  • White male
  • Around 6'2 height
  • Around 210 lbs (95 kg)
  • Aged 30s to 40s
  • Someone who could put muscle on

Vin Diesel's Casting

Many fans believe Marvel have already locked in Vin Diesel for the role and that this was secured during their "Groot" negotiations. However, by the time Inhumans is shooting, Diesel will be pushing 50. Then you need to consider they'll need him to play a key role in the Infinity War movies, so now we're pushing early to mid 50s. Yes, I know Robert Downey Jr. and Mark Ruffalo will also be similar ages, but both of their characters can be covered in CGI for all of their action scenes. Black Bolt's character is not CGI. For this reason, it would be unrealistic to cast Diesel as Black Bolt. On top of this, Diesel is arguably too bulky to play Black Bolt and putting him in a wig will look ridiculous. Finally, Diesel's calendar will be pretty full with the upcoming XXX movie and more Fast & Furious movies. Let's just forget Diesel and move on.

With that said, here are my choices...

5 - Luke Evans

Just call me Bard...
Just call me Bard...

Luke Evans ticks all the boxes and would make an ideal Black Bolt. He's borderline A-List and has the star power to carry a movie. His action movie experience makes him the perfect choice for a muscled-up super hero and his look matches what Black Bolt looks like in the comics. His career has so far had lots of hits (The Hobbit + Fast & Furious 6) and misses (Immortals + Dracula Untold), so he'd be looking for a role to really put his career on track and securing a long-term Marvel contract would certainly do this.

4 - Liam Hemsworth

Just call me Gale...
Just call me Gale...

Admittedly, Liam Hemsworth is a little on the young side to be playing Black Bolt, but by the time the movie starts shooting he'll be pushing late 20s and by the time we enter the Infinity War he'll be 30. Age aside, there's no doubt Hemsworth would certainly look the part. He's 6'3 and has the already proved he can bulk up when required, much like his older brother Chris, who plays Thor. Hemsworth is probably a little jealous that his big bro gets to wield Mjölnir, so playing Black Bolt would be a great way to get one up on him... because, let's face it, Black Bolt is cooler than Thor. Also, thanks to the Hunger Games franchise, Hemsworth has the star power required to lead the Inhumans.

3 - Ryan Guzman

Just call me Sean...
Just call me Sean...

This fan casting wouldn't be complete without a choice that was completely left field. Ryan Guzman has already been labelled the next Channing Tatum, thanks to starring in the most recent Step Up movies. Like Hemsworth, Guzman is a little young to play Black Bolt, but will will be the perfect age once the Infinity War rolls around. As a trained martial arts fighter and professional dancer, Guzman has the physical and athletic ability to play someone as powerful and agile as Black Bolt and his casting would definitely make for some jaw-dropping fight sequences. The only thing not working in Guzman's favour is his star power, which is currently floating somewhere between C and B list status... though his dark turn in the upcoming Jennifer Lopez movie 'The Boy Next Door' could change that.

2 - Pedro Pascal

Just call me the Oberyn...
Just call me the Oberyn...

From the young guns, to the season vet. Pedro Pascal recently graced our screens as the Red Viper (Oberyn Martell) on Game of Thrones and absolutely nailed it. His performance won him a legion of fans and helped him secure a major role in the upcoming Ben Hur remake. This Chilean actor has been in the game since the mid-90s and has the acting chops required to play the ruler of Attilan. As the Viper, Pascal has already demonstrated he can play a charismatic fighter who can hold your attention with every graceful movement. This is crucial because Black Bolt doesn't speak, so his character requires someone who can communicate with movement. As an actor, he'd be on the hunt for a major movie like this to propel him into A-list status and would thus be hungry and willing to work harder than everyone else. At 39, if you're looking for an older, wiser Black Bolt, Pascal is the perfect choice.

1 - Ben Barnes

Just call me Caspian...
Just call me Caspian...

Ben Barnes is most well-known for playing Prince Caspian in the Narnia franchise and is also set to grace our screens in the upcoming epic movie 'Seventh Son', alongside Jeff Bridges. He's 6'1, the right age and the perfect size to fill the Black Bolt costume and has the face of a ruler. He's been patiently hovering around the B-list waters for some time now, waiting for the perfect role to slide across his desk and take him to the lofty heights of other A-listers like Mark Ruffalo and Jeremy Renner... and Black Bolt could be that role! If he can bulk up and put some muscle on, he'd make an ideal Blackagar Boltagon.


Who do you think should play Black Bolt?


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