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Kenny Behler

This would be an awesome fight to watch. I heard that doomsday is immortal, and doomsday destroys world's. Doomsday is an ancient kryptonion, he was made to destroy world's and whoever gets in his way he kills. Doomsday is a killing machine. He damaged metropolis, he defeated the whole justice league and he killed superman. Now if you read my other post. I made up a fight between hulk and godzilla, i was talking about why hulk is so unstoppable because if you watch the avengers there's a scene where Bruce Banner says "I put a bullet in my mouth and the other guy spit it out". So does that mean that hulk is immortal too. Hulk also picked up thor's hammer and hulk isn't even worthy. I think hulk could win because when hulk gets really angry he could rip doomsday's head off.

Who do you think would win ?

If theres any fights you would like me to talk about like hulk vs galactus or any other fight, just let me know and I'll talk about it.


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