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Bareera Sial

So the other day when my friend and I were tired of studying and wanted a break, we decided to go to the movie theater. I agreed since she had coupons for free movie tickets and popcorn \ (Being a student who has instant noodles for dinner most nights, I don't get a chance to splurge on movie tickets much). Anyway, I had heard a lot about this movie, people really talked it up so I decided to give it a try. Let's just say, it was not what I expected in the least. A good movie but with some faults that made it difficult to watch.

First issue for me was the length! Gone girl is nearly 2.5 hours long. I have an attention span of about 30 minutes after which I start to get fidgety - and I know I'm not alone in this. The beginning of the movie was insufferable. They tried to set the stage for Nick and Amy's relationship but it could have been done in a more condensed manner. If you can get through the beginning of the movie, things do get interesting.

Pike truly embodies her role as a psychotic bitch. There are many twists and turns but there might be one too many. (spoiler alert). Amy Dunne exacts her revenge of Desi Collins - the rich "stalker" boyfriend to return to Nick. This part of the movie is a little flawed. There is no history of violence mentioned regarding Desi, but Amy has accused another of rape. A little detective work would throw some doubt on Amy. Also, the kidnapping story is inconsistent with what the female detective found initially and why she accused Nick Dunne of homicide. Shouldn't this information be part of the case work handed over to FBI and incriminate Amy Dunne?

The ending was highly unsatisfying and anti-climactic, but in a good way. The fact that Nick Dunne chooses to stay with his psychotic wife shows that he enjoys the craziness associated with her and cannot live with out.

If you have time on your hands and want to watch something dark and sinister that makes you question humanity, then gone girl is the movie to see. Just try to get through the beginning and you might enjoy it.


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