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Ahhh, [Frozen](movie:411685), the biggest animated feature of 2013. If you've seen it (and if you haven't, DO IT)

Anyway, in the beginning I'm sure you remember the song "Frozen Heart" with all the dudes cutting ice, right? Well what I bet you don't remember is analyzing the lyrics and realizing that they foreshadowed THE ENTIRE PLOT!

LET'S GET--- Wrong movie...

Crap, wrong movie
Crap, wrong movie

We see a young Elsa and Anna playing when Anna injures herself and they must take her to the trolls. They say she was naturally born with her ice powers rather than cursed, and it seems this line describes her abilities so strong that they had to isolate her.

"Foul and Fair" refers to Elsa's bittersweet powers. She freezes a kingdom but saves her sister and creates Olaf.

Twice in the movie Elsa uses her powers for love and fear. Love when she saves Anna from falling when they were children and fear when she is discovered during her coronation.

This refers to Elsa's (the beauty) sharp ice shards she shoots at her coronation. This causes her sister Anna to search for her after she runs away in order to break the ice in their relationship. It's a possibility that the frozen heart line refers to the end when Anna is frozen and Elsa frees her with love (Shown below).

This obviously refers to Let it Go, when Elsa runs up the stairs and builds her new castle while singing the song.

All adjectives that describe Elsa:

Powerful- Her powers.

Beautiful- Self explanatory.

Dangerous- Her powers have proven to be potentially lethal and struck fear into the citizens of Arendelle.

Cold- Self explanatory.

These are her feelings that progress throughout the film.

When Anna and the gang arrive at Elsa's castle, they converse about her uncontrollable abilities. This then causes more conflict between them, eventually leading Elsa to freezing Anna's heart.

This refers to Elsa's immense power being stronger than a hundred men.

Once again we hear this line describing Anna being struck for fear.

This final line shows the danger of both sisters, as well as the city of Arendelle if the conflict is not resolved by the end. This also warns of the other frozen heart:




Do you believe in this theory?


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