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The Phase 3 Film Slate was recently revealed to have Doctor Strange up there for 2016, and now we know who will play the sorcerer. Benedict Cumberbatch was the front runner for fans and was eventually chosen. Today, director Scott Derrickson tweeted this awesome art of Cumberbatch as Strange!

Happy Tommy
Happy Tommy

But Scott tweeted this soon after sharing the art...

Sad Tommy
Sad Tommy

We know that Hollywood directors like to troll the fans, but why would he share it? I think it may be because it's the closest thing he could find to his vision of [Doctor Strange](movie:559685) maybe?

It's still pretty cool to get a look at a possibility of what Benedict could look like as the Sorcerer Supreme.

But I'm sure you're all:


Do you like the Fan Art of Doctor Strange played by Cumberbatch?



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