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So I took my son to see the 2014 Ninja turtles movie a few months ago on a 3D extreme zone cinema, last night we re-watched it on DVD and I must say I am very won over by this movie for a few reasons.

Now let me say I was 8 years old when they came out and straight away I was hooked, I brought all the toys, and saw the original a half dozen times at the cinema and loved it, I still do.

The new movie though offered things that made it good though, I found a lot of nods to all the different turtles personalities and original cartoons, there was little things like Donatello's high tech back pack and Michelangelo had his skate board, things like this seemed a bit camp when they all had them in the cartoon but if only one of the turtles had them it seemed to fit the personalities. I liked the lighting on the film as I am starting to notice a lot of those kind of films (ie. Transformers) engage bad lighting to hide bad special effects. I really liked that in the scene where they are crashing the truck down the cliff you could see the the mutigen pump through there veins.

This movie was a special effects movie though as all four turtles where CGI, but they where CGI of mutants living in the sewer with ripped clothes and I think that gave it an organic feel to the for turtles. As for their look I remember a lot of controvercy about their height and their nostrils, to me though I liked that they where almost reminiscent of early missing link hoaxes where people where making the exact half man half ape early humans, I mean they looked exactly how I would imagine mutant half turtles half men to look, their costumes where different enough to recognize each one straight up on screen even my 3 year old son could pick out who was who straight away. They looked like they where wearing things they found in the sewer (I noticed their bandannas where the T-shirts Splinter wrapped them in as children in the flash back scene)

Yes this movie was an origin story, but it didn't spend the whole movie trying to set up a cinematic universe like The Amazing Spider-man 2 or most post Avengers Marvel movies, with the only hint of more to come when the Shredder dipped his finger into the mutigen and rubbed it in his cut hand after he fell from the building, so the story wrapped it's self up if there is to be no more turtles movies.

I look forward though to the next one in this style, without having Shredder in the sequel but maybe with Bebop, Rocksteady or Krang as the antagonist and Leatherhead or Casey Jones teaming up with the Turtles. I liked that Vernon was like a weak Casey Jones and did add good comic effect to the movie, and I think that Eric Sachs could easily become a Baxter Stockman type mutant fly and bring the mousers into the next movie.


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