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We've all heard the reports about Sony and Marvel Studios debating on Spider-Man's potential place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. From an appearance in Civil War to an entirely new reboot of the franchise, rumors are flying all over the place. Besides that, there are many fingers being pointed at many things saying "It's their fault." So I figured I'd throw in my two-sense and try to make sense. So lets see what people are blaming for Sony's failure:

#1: [The Amazing Spider-Man 2](movie:508593)

Okay, I'd be lying if I said this movie was perfect. If anything, it's far from it. The story gets clouded, the villains are a tad underdeveloped, it's a bit of a mess. Then again, it still has things going for it. I kid you not, I really became invested in Peter and Gwen's relationship, and that isn't something an action movie does easily. In fact, the action is also pretty awesome. It's real problem came from its lack of focus. It's trying too hard to establish exposition and set up an expanded universe that it can't stay on track. Then again, if Iron Man 2 can get a sequel, Spider-Man should be given a shot. The only reason this is going on is because this movie didn't make as much money as they wanted. So if it had been like Iron Man 2 and made tons of cash even though being terrible, we really wouldn't be discussing this. Still, the movie can't possibly be to blame, not completely.

#2: Marc Webb's directing

This one really hasn't been brought up as much, and honestly, I see why it isn't. His directing isn't bad. The first Amazing Spider-Man movie was actually a real breath of fresh air, with its grittier tone, new twists on the mythos, and an all around new feel that really could be utilized in a creative way. It's not his fault his vision was obstructed by corporate heads trying to catch up to Marvel, but I'll get to that later. If I recall correctly, a lot of people warmed up to the reboot, and it's sequel really shows how much better the first one is. Maybe if Webb was given one last shot and a better script, we could get a redeeming third installment, so the director can't be to blame.

#3: Andrew Garfield's Spider-Man

I fully defend Andrew in this situation. He has been a lifelong fan of Spider-Man, he's the perfect story of a nerds dreams come true. It isn't his fault he fell victim to crummy writing. The guy is actually a great actor, and his portrayal of the web-slinger is no exception. Heck, he made the Shia Labeouf stuttering a little more natural. The issue with Garfield is the ones that hate him grew up with the Raimi movies and still have trouble getting past Tobey Maguire's iconic role. From one perspective, I can agree. Tobey was the definitive Spidey of our childhood, something we really hold dear to our hearts. The fact that Andrew is different kind of goes against what we know. From the other side, I understand that they are both adaptations of the same source material. Both movies have different takes on the characters, so there will be changes made on both sides. What Andrew Garfield has become is a scapegoat for this franchise. The fanbase doesn't know who to blame, so they single out one person and aim their displeasure towards him. If you ask me, he really should be given another chance.

So who really is to blame for this whole situation? The answer is quite obvious.

#4: The Sony Executives

Was there ever any doubt? Why did Spider-Man 3 do so terribly? Because the people in charge wanted to capitalize on their franchise, so they did exactly what they shouldn't have: stuck their nose into it. They messed around with the original script to do what they thought would make more money. So there's clearly no doubt that's exactly what happened with Amazing Spider-Man 2. Too many people had to throw in more than what was needed to Marc Webb's vision. And it was all because of their love of money, clearly proving that it truly is the root of all evil. They forget that what makes a good movie is the devotion, the passion for the material, the effort put in, not how much money they can rake in. That is clearly what is at fault for the failure of the Spider-Man franchise.

So the real question is: How can Sony fix it?

The answer is fairly simple.

Finish what you started, and finish it right.

I personally still want to see a [Sinister Six](movie:1274281) movie, and definitely a Venom/Carnage movie. So why not complete the story you started in 2012? Keep Andrew as Spidey. Let Marc Webb make the Spider-Man film we deserve. For the love of God, stay away from the writers table. If you play your cards right, we can still see the eccentric Peter Parker team up with the Science Bros. We could see Spider-Man join forces with Earth's Mightiest Heroes to fight the Mad Titan in 2018. Just please keep the focus on what makes a good story instead of what makes the most money.

Enjoy the article? Mad about my badmouthing of Iron Man 2? Let me know in the comments! And Merry Christmas to you all! Until next time!


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