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Seth Rogen and James Franco's action-comedy The Interview may be set for an online release. This is as a result of the famous Sony hacks that forced the studio into cancelling the theatrical release. The drama that unfolded during and after the hacking can make a very interesting movie plot on its own. Soon thereafter critics popped up here calling for the film to be released irregardless of the threats from the hacking group. Some pointed out how awkward (i had to go with awkward) it was for Sony Pictures to cancel release of the film. It seemed like Sony was caving into the demands of a dictator (a North Korean one to be precise).

A scene from the Interview
A scene from the Interview

According to Dana Suacelli of the New York Post, Sony is planning to release The Interview on crackle for free. To be fair on Sony virtually all theaters and streaming sites did not have the guts to show the film (Seems everyone is afraid of North Korea). Given that Sony would like to recover some of the production cost of the movie, releasing the film on crackle may not be the only option for release. I sure wish i had a streaming site cause right now irregardless of the cyber criminal threat, The Interview is a sure best seller given the attention it has received. Now everyone would like to watch it thanks to some one/people who could not tolerate humor.


Would you spend money on a streaming site that has The Interview ?


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