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I am in love with horror everything about it makes me happy. This means that I am constantly trying to find new movies to watch and I research and research and a lot of the time I find some really good horror movies but every now and then a girl has to get her gore on. The thing about gore movies is that a lot of times they give you gore but totally retarded stories and so although yes the gore is great the FX everything is dandy you end up thinking WTF did I just watch why in the world did I have to go through that 2 hours! So this is that list that makes it so that you don't have to do that you can sit back relax and enjoy good movies I hope you enjoy!! These are not in any type of order just what pops in to my head first!

1.Martyrs (French)

This is one of those movies that leaves you feeling dirty after you watch it. Actually a lot of people rate this movie as the #1 disturbing film ever made, although A Serbian Film comes close. A young girl gets tortured at a young age and escapes. When she thinks she has found the family who tortured her she goes in for revenge. The movie takes off right at the beginning of the film. Tons of blood and tons of WTF moments. You think its just a normal revenge flick until it goes a completely different route and its almost as if your watching two films. I own this movie myself and I am proud to own it. Although hard to watch because of the message in the film it is worth it. The FX are amazing its a blood fest but as promised its not just for the blood there is actual story which to me is what makes a movie!

2. Inside (French)


Watch out pregnant ladies this is not a movie you want to watch so steer clear of this! The french really do know what there doing this movie not only has a great terrifying realistic story it has tons of blood! A woman is pregnant and she gets in a car accident with her husband,her husband dies but the baby and the woman live. As the movie progresses you see that she is heartbroken and torn up. Although everyone wants to help her as this is a difficult time for her she just wants to be left a lone. One night a woman knocks on the door saying that she's having car troubles and needs to use the phone. Being the time of night that it was and the fact that she just didn't feel right about it she told her no. The lady keeps going but then finally gives up. The woman then goes on with her night but then notices theres a woman standing outside of her window. And things get crazy! The woman comes into the house with the intent to get her baby!!

3.Frontier(s) (French)


I know what your thinking this woman just likes french films. Well it is true I love french films they make excellent horror movies but as I said this list is mainly for actual good stories with tons of gore! The main plot of this story these kids go to a hotel and meet a crazy ass family. If I tell you more Im going to spoil it. I would say this is like a french version of Texas Chain Saw Massacre. This movie seems more evil and extremely more disturbing than TCM. But a lot will disagree with me as TCM is like one of the best movies ever created!.

4. Saw 1-7

Isn that gruesome?
Isn that gruesome?

Yes this had to make the list because truthfully they are good movies. Yes some of the sequels were not as good as the original but it did not stop you from watching every single one of them !! Everyone knows saw its impossible to be a horror fanatic or just a normal american. Basic plot a guy who calls himself jigsaw puts people with serious issues in situations (traps) where it is life or death. Which gets extremely gruesome because this guy is not messing around. He will put a machine on you or even put a key in a guys stomach! this is a must see because honestly you just have to see it no questions asked!

5. ABC's Of Death 1&2

ABC's Of Death
ABC's Of Death

Your most likely thinking why in the world is this on the list? well my question is have you watched it? There are some serious gory stories in this movie and its is oh so good. Although not every story in ABC's is good they are fascinating and you cannot keep your eyes away from your TV. If you didn't know ABC's has 25 short stories from 25 different directors and may I tell you they come up with some crazy things! You must watch it if you have not seen it already it is a must see.

6. Final Destination (all of them)

It would be disgraceful if these movies did not make it on the list. Admit it when you see lumber behind a truck and your on the freeway you get far away from that truck!. The first time I saw final destination I could not stop obsessing over it. cheating death all those gruesome ways that people can get killed. I found myself always making sure I kept things in order so death wouldn't try to kill me . I was young what did I know? If you didn't know and have not seen final destination well now you will know. Final destination is a movie where people can predict something is going to happen and then it happens. Usually someone is day dreaming or dreams and has the premonition and then freaks out and gets everyone out of the situation and they cheat death. Death is not happy about this and ends up killing them one by one in the order that they were supposed to die in the premonition. It is crazy and there are so many different ways you can die! This is a must see!

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