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United We Stand, Divided We Fall
Jo Isnain

For every wicked comic book villain there are countless duds,because today's TOP 5 countdown will be about the TOP 5 worst marvel supervillains.

5.The Boomerang

He is not the Captain Boomerang from DC
He is not the Captain Boomerang from DC

He looks kind of badass than DC's Captain Boomerang. Kicking off our list is this laughably bad Hulk foe. This colourfully dressed villain was once a classed baseball pitcher who accepted bribes forcing his exit from the major leagues. Thanks to his throwing arms a criminal orginization enlisted his services throwing gimicky boomerangs and discs.

4.Stilt Man

This two big thief made himself a suit with telescoping legs thus allowing him to giraffe up alongside buildings to pull off heists above ground floor, however this suit made up a zero percent cool factor and made Stilt Man one of Marvel's biggest pushovers.

3.The Masked Matador

This former spanish bullfighter was kicked out of the bullfighting business for being to cruel to animals (think about that for a second). Anyway swearing revenge upon mankind he became a criminal who used his red cape to distract armoured trucks in order to pull off hiests, he even uses it agains Daredevil and Daredevil's blind.


This scientist was the foe who became the arch-nemesis of Ant-Man, his biggest schemes involves taking control of ants and stealing information so that he could concoct a cure for ageing.

1.The Slug

A 12 hundred pound fat (no offence) monster, he's the head of Miami's drug trade unlike the Kingpin this criminal mastermind isn't coy and doesn't hide muscle under his gr, actually he's totally immobile without the use of gadgets.


That's it for today's TOP 5 do you agree with this list?


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