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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?
Marlon McDonald

The sheer scale of the admiration of Disney's behemoth animated caper Frozen needs no introduction, because we've seen the costumes, the fan art, the renditions of "Let It Go" in different, the list is endless.

But be prepared to be whisked off your feet and taken from Arendelle to China with this wonderful computer generated Frozen fan art!

These pictures depict Elsa and Anna in traditional Chinese one-piece dresses called Cheongsam (or qipao), and look very lovely indeed. Eyes on the prize...

The princesses of Arendelle's silk woven qipao are presented in their signature violet and blue...

The original costumes were based on a mix between Norwegian folk clothing and the fashion of 1840's Western Europe.

A pretty nice mash up of cultures on display there. What do you guys think?


How much did you like the fan art?

(Source: Frozen-Constable+ via tumblr)


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