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There are probably thousands of fan made videos on the internet and are undoubtedly really really good!But every now and then comes an unique and epic video that set's it all apart from other videos.There is always someone who goes beyond the imagination's limit and delivers a truly mind blowing video of epic proportions and look's like that someone is YouTube users "Alex Luthor and MR8866".These youtuber's have really put in a lot of hard work which is clearly visible in their final product.The scenes are taken from various superhero movies,video games and TV show's.

It's all edited and cut together with right timing to the special affects.It will really look as if superman is going head to head with Thor and Batman is actually taking on Iron Man........Let's take a look at the final video.........GET READY TO BE BLOWN AWAY!!

We all have been wanting to see this in reel life but as of now it seems impossible to see this converted into a full feature film.Looks like we have to wait and watch what is in stores for us in the coming future.This fan made video gave a brief glimpse into what could happen if MARVEL and DC actually decide to join hands.................MADNESS WILL ENSUE.

Hat's off to the creators that made this epic video


Would you like to see this turned into a reality?


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