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Christmas is in two days and it feels like December flew by! Decorations are up, Christmas shopping is done, presents are under the tree, and now the baking begins. Although I love spending the holidays with my family at home, there's only one other place in the world that I would rather be. Yes folks, you guessed it. It's Disney World.

All Disney parks around the world are celebrating the holidays with massive parades, light shows, and of course the famous fireworks. However, every Disney fan has their personal favorite park and knows that each park is unique in their own way. I have been going to Disney World for all my glorious 18 years of existence, except for that one special time of the year.

In Disney World, the Magic Kingdom park does something very special around the holidays. From November to December they celebrate Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party! It's a fun celebration for the holidays that is an experience like no other!

Note to those who want to attend Mickey's X-mas party: Attending this magical event requires a separate admission ticket. You can check out prices and packages online at

Here's a list of 5 reasons why Magic Kingdom and Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party is the best place to be for the holidays.

1. EVERYTHING is decorated to make your spirits bright and make your family win at the best holiday cards

Magic Kingdom is a holiday wonderland!
Magic Kingdom is a holiday wonderland!

Need nice pictures for holiday cards? Pack your matching holiday card outfits, because Disney World has got you covered. Day or night, Disney World has professional photographers around each park that can take your picture and upload them to your Memory Maker account. The Memory Maker allows you to customize or print your professional pictures to your liking. Or if you want to save some cash, give them your camera to take a picture too. Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios are my top two park favorites for decorations and to take the best pictures. Now your family will be the true winners of holiday cards this year. Don't forget your Mickey and Minnie ears!

2. Cinderella's Fairy Godmother Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo's the castle!

At Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party (what a tongue twister), they have a special ceremony where the Fairy Godmother enchants Cinderella's castle to look like a winter icicle dream come true. I will admit when I first saw this video, I teared up a bit. It's the perfect start to a magical evening.

3. Complimentary holiday snacks!

When I hear the words "food" and "free" I'm there. At Mickeys Very Merry Christmas Party they offer complimentary hot chocolate and cookies at certain locations in the park. For healthier options they also offer apple slices and apple juice. Um yes, I am so there. Just look for designated signs and these poles!

The beacon for Disney yum-yums.
The beacon for Disney yum-yums.

4. Meet your favorite characters decked out in special holiday outfits!

Meeting any character at a Disney Park is a memorable experience. When the holidays are upon us, the Disney character family is ready! They all look super adorable and are decked out for the holidays. Meeting any character and seeing their cute little outfits can put anyone in the holiday spirit.

Look! It's Uncle Scrooge!
Look! It's Uncle Scrooge!

5. Spending quality time with your loved ones

There's something about the Disney atmosphere that brings your family together. Yes, you may argue about fastpass selections. Yes, your parents won't let you buy that Swarovski Mickey Mouse figurine. But there's nothing like having your family by your side as you watch the parades or light shows. That's what Disney is all about. We live in such a time-consumed society that we forget the littlest things that matter the most. But when your loved ones are by your side, you realize that's all you need to be truly happy. What best way to celebrate that other than the place "Where Dreams Come True".

Happy Holidays everyone!
Happy Holidays everyone!


What would be your favorite thing to do at Disney World for the holidays?


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